Winter is taking hold and we’re all stuck inside about as often as we’ve ever been, and probably less pleased about it than we’ve ever been. The world outside is scary, and difficult, and the problems of 2020 have followed us into the new year. So we need a safe haven, right? That’s why this winter we encourage you to consider “hygge.” 

With its roots in Danish and Norwegian culture, hygge (hyoo-gah) speaks to “a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment,” according to the Oxford Dictionary. Basically, it means being cozy and comfortable, and surrounding yourself with warm and happy things. Candles, books, sweets, warm sweaters, fuzzy blankets — all these are core tenets of hygge, which make it a lifestyle we at the Indy can get behind, for sure. 

So to encourage a hygge-filled winter, we’ve compiled a few resources for you to take advantage of over these next few snowy months. Resources for nurturing your crafting spirit, comforting media to curl up with, recipes from our archives that are sure to warm up your winter nights, and even advice on how to hygge-up your home. 

If we’re going to be stuck inside, let’s make inside as comfortable as it can be. 

Happy hygge, everyone.


Associate Editor

Alissa Smith is the associate editor of the Colorado Springs Indy, and has lived in Colorado Springs since 1996. She has coordinated listings, curated featured events, herded cats, and both edited and contributed to Queer & There.