Knobhill Urban Arts District presents a virtual block party and art show

For those in isolation longing for wild nights filled with art and music, local artist PAES164 and the Knobhill Urban Arts District are bringing you a virtual evening of awesome with Finally Spring. The livestreamed event boasts a lineup of 32 curated artists, four live performances and lots of interaction through the live feed. To complete the authentic party experience, virtual attendees will even be treated to the beats of DJ Press Playdoe throughout the evening.

“I really want people to have a blast like they would at one of my events,” says PAES164. He and Knobhill also host the annual 420 Art Jamboree, which had to be canceled this year due to COVID-19. He says he hopes this new event will help fill the void.

Coordinating so many moving parts has not been easy — PAES164 says it’s a very new idea for some, and there are a lot of logistics to manage. However, the work has not reduced his enthusiasm.

He says the art he has been receiving is “crazy good” and that feedback so far has been positive. “People love this stuff — it gives people a sense of pride to have art and music of this caliber coming from the 719.”

He hopes the evening will help artists share and sell some of their work as they weather the citywide shutdown — which has come along right when arts events usually pick up. His advice to attendees seeking to help the arts community is simple: “Watch the show; buy some art. These are all full-time artists that love this city and with being non-essential, they haven’t been working.”

At least, they haven’t been getting paid. There has been plenty of working going on in Knobhill. If you have not seen the gorgeous murals breathing new life into the stretch of Platte Avenue that runs between Circle Drive and Union Boulevard, it’s time you made a trip over that way — perhaps one of those socially distant walks for fresh air are in order? According to PAES164, five new murals have gone up in the last month alone with 20 more slated for the summer months.

The jump in mural creation comes after a rather slow year for PAES164 and his team, who he says have struggled with the many challenges of becoming a nonprofit.

“The Knobhill Urban Arts District’s only goal is to create more culture in town influenced by creatives, and we seem to get way more done using guerrilla tactics.”

Asked how it feels to create art that may eventually be covered up, he says that has not been a problem yet.

“In this town, with street art being so new, it’s hard enough to get a wall. When you do, the mural tends to stay for years. ”

9-11:30 p.m. April 24,