Kreuser exhibits of Dunn and Dickerson go online
Kreuser exhibits of Dunn and Dickerson go online

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the shows Fable or Moxie at Kreuser Gallery in March, you’re in luck. Like many gallery owners in the city, Abigail Kreuser has shifted art shows to online access, which means you now get to check it out from the comfort of your living room.

Fable features the work of painter Shannon Dunn. The collection explores how hardship translates into growth. In several paintings, Dunn uses figures from familiar folklore, taking traditionally weak characters and re-shaping their narrative into one of autonomy, tenacity and power. In one painting, for example, Rapunzel sports a defiant pixie cut, her braid slung around her shoulders, a pair of shears hung from a ribbon on her neck. In another, Aurora of the “Sleeping Beauty” tale reclines casually on a sofa while beavers destroy the spinning wheel once destined to put her into an enchanted sleep.

“The series is sewn together with the common thread of hardship eventually providing the opportunity of liberation for the subject,” Dunn explains.

Dunn works mostly with oil paints but takes the occasional jaunt into mixed-media work. A Chicago native, she has settled here in Colorado Springs where her work has been featured in multiple galleries.

Moxie, an exhibit of work by Carol Dickerson, tells the story of an artist’s grit and determination — the bravery and perseverance to push one’s self to grow and explore. Dickerson’s work is abstract, and her artistic process involves creating lines and splashes of color, then allowing those components to inspire new layers of color, lines or shapes. Her work is vibrant, even those paintings that she describes as quieter studies.

Dickerson’s work has been shown in many galleries around town, and she has studied with several local artists as well. In her artist’s statement, she defines her work as “purely abstract” with no reference to a recognizable subject. As for the title of her show: “It takes nerve to put a body of creative work out in the world for all to see,” says Dickerson. “It takes moxie.”

Both Dunn and Dickerson’s work can be viewed on Kreuser’s website or via the gallery’s Facebook page. The latter includes a video walk-through of both shows as they are currently hung in the gallery, plus links to other shows and artist talks.

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