With a friendship that has spanned decades and a mutual love of books, Annie Robbins of Colorado Springs and Stacy Schubloom of Woodland Park are channeling their passion for reading into a new entrepreneurial endeavor — a podcast that explores books from emerging authors. Launched in October 2020, nuWriters highlights a different book each week, complete with an in-depth interview with the author.

“Our goal is to feature a variety of books,” says Schubloom, adding, “They have to be from a debut author. It has been a big effort to reach a variety of people who have just published.”

The podcast is also an opportunity to use their platform to support new authors and amplify the works of people of color and other individuals who struggle to promote their books in an industry that makes it difficult to get noticed without a publishing giant paving the way.

“There are a lot of new authors out there,” says Robbins. “We want to help them be heard.”

Creating the podcast has been a source of pride for Robbins and Schubloom. Before embarking on this latest journey, Schubloom worked in marketing and public relations and Robbins worked as an ESL teacher and a teacher trainer. While they both enjoyed their respective careers, developing a podcast gave them an opportunity to grow in a whole new direction.

They knew very little about the craft in the beginning, but they set out determined to master the process on their own. They spent time watching YouTube tutorials provided by their host platform and reaching out to their network for help with developing podcast necessities such as intro music and logo design.

Networking has also provided the hosts with a healthy list of authors to work with straight out of the gate. Most of their book recommendations have come from word of mouth, although they also peruse emerging author lists for potential guests.

The podcast is meant to benefit the author and share their work, while still entertaining the audience. You won’t find heavy critiques or ratings, but you will find a lot of laughter and sincere appreciation for the written word.

“It’s not about reviewing a book in the traditional sense of taking it apart and critiquing it,” says Schubloom. “We choose books that we’re comfortable talking about and already feel comfortable about recommending.”

In addition to informative author interviews and book banter that will appeal to book lovers and book clubs, the podcast is also a boon for writers. Author interviews frequently yield useful tips for promoting work, getting published and tackling other challenges authors face. The hosts produce monthly behind-the-scenes content, interviewing a variety of non-author individuals on topics such as book award selection criteria, book club advice and industry insights. For example, a recent show included an interview with staff from Pikes Peak Library District, and listeners learned how they select books and that the library system has a budget specifically for supporting and promoting local authors.

“What we really want to get across is that it’s a service for new authors. It’s about giving a forum to new voices. It’s so exciting.”

 New episodes of nuWriters are released on Tuesdays and Thursdays and are available on most podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Pandora.