Penrose library

With new COVID measures in effect and cold winter days making the great outdoors a far less palatable escape than it was during the spring restrictions, you’re probably wondering just how you’re going to get through the next few months without succumbing to total apathy. After all, there are only so many Netflix binges and Animal Crossing tasks you can complete each day. However, while it is safer to stay home, there is no need to consign your mind to the house as well. With the days ahead uncertain, it just might be the perfect time for a digital renaissance, and you can launch yours at Pikes Peak Library District.

Accessibility lies at the heart of the public library mission, even during this increase in COVID-19 cases. While browsing the district’s physical collections is off-limits right now, PPLD is offering curbside service to check out books or other media. When the pandemic began to accelerate, PPLD got to work creating a new way to translate the mission of accessibility in a socially distanced fashion by migrating their weekly classes and events to an online format.

While it’s common to associate the library strictly with books, PPLD has long offered unique, engaging classes in a variety of subjects. Have you always wanted to try your hand at wine-making? There’s a class for that, complete with supplies you can pick up curbside at any of the library’s participating locations. In keeping with their goal to keep the public safe, the class is held online and available to access at your convenience.

Perhaps it’s not the boredom or persistent anxiety that are getting to you, but rather isolation and loneliness. Do you miss your weekly book club or knitting circle? Do you long for yoga with familiar faces? There are weekly groups for that, too. Debate the merits of the latest bestseller, knit and purl your holiday gifts and downward dog from the comfort of your own living room with actual members of your community.

The most important service the library is offering at this time is probably its online learning and tutoring resources. As many El Paso County school districts make the decision to shift to distance learning through January of 2021, parents are struggling with where to turn when their elementary student presents an unfamiliar math concept or a particularly tricky grammar question. In response, PPLD has beefed up its online support tools considerably, which means that the next time you’re mystified by your kid’s “new math” you can tag in a library volunteer instead of attempting to relearn the whole of your elementary education.

All of these services can be accessed via the library website at If you don’t have a computer, the library is allowing folks to reserve a time to use one of theirs free of charge. 

They’ve also made getting a card (your key to all of this awesomeness) easier for everyone, with online registration.