SPKTR is available at shop.jandenhale.com, Amazon, Muse Comics and 2 Buck Books.

“I have a problem creatively,” says artist-writer-filmmaker Daniel Donche Jr. “I want to do it all.” Now, he’s found something he’s ready to commit to: a monthly book series called SPKTR.

With an extensive background in graphic design, Donche has a skill set that lends itself to book publishing. Every visual and textual component of SPKTR, a sci-fi-horror-fantasy hybrid, is created by Donche himself: the writing, the editing, the interior layout, the cover art. The first book, Dreamlink Sequence, was released in June of 2021.

For book enthusiasts looking to transition to actual book readers, Donche’s series has eliminated many obstacles. Yes, they’re affordable ($10). Yes, you can read them out of order (each book is a stand-alone story). Yes, they’re a quick read (shorter than 100 pages, a one-hour commitment).

Daniel Donche

Daniel Donche

Throughout the books are fake advertisements for companies and products referenced in the stories; it’s an alluring, albeit atypical, visual that complements the narratives. According to Donche, there haven’t been any recurring characters, storylines ... or even author photos. Each read is an entirely new experience. What remains the same, though, is his goal to unnerve readers, shock readers — and ultimately, make them reconsider what they think they know.

“I don’t like a regular story where you get to the end, and you go, ‘OK, well, I guess that makes sense,’” says Donch. “I want you to get to the end and go, ‘Whoa. Wait a minute.’”

Anna Fiorino is a graduate from San Diego State University. She is a journalist with (more than three but less than twenty) years of experience. In her free time, she edits novels.