To encourage social distancing during the spread of COVID-19, we are altering our regular “Event Horizon” section for the foreseeable future. While many local events are on hold, we will clue you into at least one local experience — this week: the nuWriters podcast, hosted by two local women — and recommend some things you can do at home or safely out and about. Please continue to support the arts during this difficult time. 


Goes Wrong Show



The Goes Wrong Show

As far as British imports go, The Goes Wrong Show is an absolute gem, the kind of comedy that makes you laugh so loud and long you’ll welcome the brief moments of reprieve and the show’s relatively short runtime. Humans have to breathe, after all. Each week, the show features a play filmed before a live audience where something — everything, actually — always seems to go disastrously wrong. It’s a physical, farcical comedy with lots of fourth-wall breakage and a roster of performers who delight in deadpan delivery and extreme overacting. You might think that the bit would get old, but the actors and writers have persisted in keeping it fresh across the six episodes afforded us so far. Available on Amazon Prime.



Fairy Tale Inn

With the Fantasy Fair in town, the local inn braces itself for a full house. Your job as the innkeeper, and that of your opponent, is to strategically fill the building in a way that pleases your guest and minimizes conflict between opposing parties (think separating the Big, Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs). The better your placement, the more gold you get. Players take turns drawing character tiles and slipping them into a vewrtical board from above. The goal is to maximize the best placement in accordance with the rules on the character card while navigating your opponent’s own strategic placement. It’s easy to learn and the fairy tale theme adds in an extra layer of family-friendly fun. Available from most game retailers.


One of the Good Ones

After their sister Kezi dies during a protest rally, Happi and Geni embark on a road trip to honor her life and her activism. Enlisting the company of her two best friends, they venture along Route 66, following a journey that their deceased sister had crafted as a graduation present to herself using the Negro Motorist Green Book. This young adult novel by Maika Moulite and Maritza Moulite delves into themes of love, loss and worth, while providing moving insight into what it means to be Black in America and the many parts a Black individual must play to remain safe and be deemed “acceptable” by white society. Available from most book retailers.