Have you ever heard of Snarf’s? They have 23 locations in Colorado (as well as a couple in Austin, Texas, and a handful in St. Louis), and they recently opened one in the Springs. Snarf’s started in Boulder in 1996, and while it’s a chain, at least it’s homegrown. Take note online: Scroll down past the regular menu to find the “not-on-the-menu” menu that offers a second sandwich list. Which is pretty dumb if you ask us. But whatever; I order from it. 

The Farmer sandwich combines a lot of sliced turkey breast with bacon, egg salad and Swiss cheese, dressed with lettuce, tomatoes and Thousand Island dressing. The thing is, I never order egg salad, for the same reason I never order French toast. These are simple items I can prepare myself. However, something in this sandwich calls to me. I listen. I find the turkey to be flavorful and moist. The egg salad doesn’t wow me on its own, but combined with everything else, it adds a savory, rib-sticking element. The bacon adds salty goodness, of course. The dressing surprises, tangy and not too sweet.

Quick note: All the sandwiches are available on white, wheat or gluten-free (for an upcharge). The breads are freshly baked on-site. Snarf’s offers everything completely customizable, with several vegetarian options, plus a kids menu too. Sandwich sizes are 5, 7 or 12 inches. I also try a New York Steak and Provolone Cheese. The ingredients are all top quality, but the sandwich’s construction doesn’t work. I can’t get two bites that taste the same. One bite brings all homemade giardiniera peppers, so the flavor is all vinegar. Another bite delivers all steak. The next bite: cheese and pickle. I’m confused, but I’d be willing to try it again.

Lastly, I sample the Italian Salad. A big bed of freshly cut romaine holds a ton of thinly sliced pepperoni and salami, provolone and Swiss cheeses, and an entire sliced hardboiled egg. Garbanzo beans and roasted red peppers liven things up, although it could use more of both. Thin-sliced onion and cherry tomatoes round out the flavors. Snarf’s vinaigrette tastes bright and doesn’t overwhelm the whole mix. Frankly, it’s a better salad than I expected, making me want to return to sample further on that menu — which, let’s remember, is actually on the menu.