Dragon King’s Fountain location dates back to 2004, we’re told, and this second location just opened last month with an identical menu of traditional Szechuan cuisine, noodles, soups and more.

The vibe here is very much your typical strip mall Chinese restaurant. My friends and I park in front of the liquor store next door and are greeted by a waving cat figurine and a bustling kitchen. We grab a cozy corner booth.

The two staff members who take care of us, as they juggle takeout orders, give friendly and attentive service throughout our family-style meal. We start with a pot of hot jasmine tea and egg drop soup — both perfectly warming.

I appreciate that the soup has tofu, carrots and peas to give it more texture. I’ll keep it in mind for next time I’m feeling sick. Next, satisfying crab cheese wontons arrive perfectly crunchy and creamy. To entrées, one of the servers goes around the table playfully advising us what to order based on his first impression of our group.

For me, he suggests the Mongolian beef and isn’t wrong; at meal’s end it’s my favorite thing on the table. The meat melts in my mouth and the dish chews bright and flavorful with a spicy sauce and lots of crunchy bell peppers. We also go for takeout classics: Kung Pao chicken and sesame chicken. Both have delightful sauces. The Kung Pao holds a great snappy texture from the peanuts and veggies.

The sesame chicken shows crispy, but tender, and still holds up later that night when we come home after a few drinks and nuke it for a drunken snack. However, I’m not much of a fan of the pork lo mein.

Though the bites of chewy pork wholly satisfy, the ratio of noodles and sauce to meat and veggies proves too much. We finish with another pot of tea, fortune cookies and six boxes of leftovers. My expectations of generous portions have been met, and I’m pleased Dragon King hasn’t skipped out on quality to do so. 

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