Brewer Hans Prahl has put out top-quality, on-point-for-style beers since FBC’s beginning in mid-2016 — focusing on the traditional but deviating plenty. We haven’t been by since the fall of that year, so we’re excited to drop back in. From 16 house taps, we narrow down to five pours to build a beer flight. 

Wood-burned butcher blocks with FBC’s name and a mountainscape and cutouts for cute mini Mason jars make for one of the coolest beer paddles I’ve seen. We start with a chile wheat that holds a beautiful Anaheim scorch in the throat (getting a crowler to-go because we’re hooked) then move to the vibrant Sangre De Oranges blood-orange pale ale, brewed with German Huell Melon hops notable for their melon aromas, which fold into the bitter citrus pleasantly.

Next, the Mad as Hops American IPA tastes somehow creamy to me, also bitter but in a milder way, not tasting as strong as its 7.2 percent ABV. But that’s nothing compared to the Whiskey Business Imperial Stout that weighs in at 14 percent ABV, aged for roughly six months in used Stranahan’s barrels.

The charred oak imparts a certain coconut essence as I perceive it, which folds into a rich cacao backbone while the typical roasted flavor of a stout seems softened and folded into a boozier back-note; it’s outstanding (and sold in bombers). If that’s too big for ya’, consider instead the King Coal Nitro Milk Stout, velvety with a sweet, toasty coffee finish. 

Food & Drink Editor

Matthew Schniper is the Food and Drink Editor at the Colorado Springs Indy. He began freelancing with the Indy in mid-2004 and joined full-time in early 2006, contributing arts, food, environmental and feature writing.