Fort Carson-launched Dainty’s Jamaican Kitchen takes over at former Cupcake Girls spot

Dainty’s Jamaican Kitchen has opened in the former Cupcake Girls spot at 302 E. Platte Ave. (formerly slated to be the new home of Coquette’s Bistro before it opted to go out of business).

Owner Dainty Wheaton has operated her eatery on Fort Carson (where her husband, now retired, was stationed) for the past seven years, but chose to relocate once her contract expired; she also cites COVID measures and restrictions for the public accessing the base as a motivation to move. Dainty’s serves all the traditional dishes like curried shrimp, chicken and goat, plus oxtails, jerk chicken and more.

In discussing other Jamaican outfits around town, she says “I’m not feeling competition, I’m just doing me. Everyone’s got their own flavor.” Hers is inspired by a line of women restaurateurs in Jamaica dating back to her great-grandmother. Her grandmother handed down her place in St. Catherine Parish to Dainty’s mother and Dainty began working there at age 8. “I cried every day. I had no fun,” she says. “I vowed never to get into the business — it’s no fun, you don’t get to live a life — yet here I am.”


Food & Drink Editor

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