We eat with our eyes first, and that’s crucial for Mollie & Co., the dessert trailer that’s shown up at food truck gatherings in Fountain Valley since late July. They specialize in deluxe milkshakes piled with all manner of confections, known also as freakshakes, monster shakes or deluxe shakes. 

Freakshakes became popular in most major cities about five years ago, so the trend’s due to show up in El Paso County. We get one strawberry cheesecake and a seasonal eggnog shake. The former comes topped with a whole slice of cheesecake, a mountain of whipped cream and a rim of graham cracker crumbs stuck on with strawberry frosting, served in a handled glass jar. 

When we attempt to navigate actually eating the damn thing, we find a somewhat stodgy cheesecake that manages not to fall apart everywhere despite its precarious position, and the milkshake itself leads more sweet and creamy than berry bright, reasonably thick overall. As for the latter, its gingerbread man garnish and gingerbread crumb rim taste of molasses and nutmeg above all else, pretty much fine, and the shake’s not a shake so much as decent eggnog. They’re impressive, for sure, and we’re only out $20 for the two — plus, we get to keep the jars. 

Griffin Swartzell is a food reviewer and contributor for the Colorado Springs Indy. This Colorado Springs native joined as an intern in early 2014, freelancing until they joined the staff full-time in late 2015.