This little taco truck, named for the capital of the Aztec empire, has no listed phone number, or website that we can find or social media beyond a Facebook page with 10 followers.

But there’s no shortage of delicious food when we hit it outside Lost Friend Brewing Company; we order the los seis puerquitos (six little pigs). It’s a platter of two carnitas tacos, two tacos al pastor and two chorizo tacos, all topped with cilantro and diced onion.

All three pork preps warrant praise. The carnitas have the simplest flavor profile, but they’re seriously good, tender and rich with no shortage of fatty bits to make the taco a little more unctuous. The pastor’s mouthfeel makes us think it’s saucy, and maybe they got more fresh-squeezed lime juice than the other tacos, but regardless, they’re amazing, bursting with spices and brightened by just enough juicy pineapple bits.

And the third little pig… uh, the chorizo tacos, bear sausage crumbles that hold a sound medium heat and a spicing that’s deeper and darker than most of what can be had in town, and that’s absolutely a good thing.

Try it also on the pambazo, a torta that pairs the chorizo with potatoes, crema, lettuce and queso fresco. It’s a mess to eat, but it’s a joy for those seeking more balancing flavors. 

Fiona Truant is a food reviewer and contributor for the Colorado Springs Indy. This Colorado Springs native joined as an intern in early 2014, freelancing until they joined the staff full-time in late 2015.