First, the bad news: Pizza Saturdays at the Lincoln Center’s totally badass bakery are still on hold until further notice. That said, Nightingale’s baked goods continue to be beyond reproach, so while we the people trust in the return of the crust, we can still enjoy some great little bites. Take for instance the maple walnut scone, which bears little resemblance to the light, fluffy, biscuit-like English scone but makes total sense in the context of Colorado.

Its dark, craggy, crunchy exterior holds up that mellow maple glaze well, and the walnuts inside add texture to a baked good that’s already hearty, nutty, warm and sweet. It’s a scone made not for jam and clotted cream, but for nourishing a body on a cold morning. Also amazing, the ham and cheese croissant sees Viennoiserie (yeast-raised dough laminated with butter) wrapped around flavorful ham and creamy-textured melted Swiss.

The pastry has clean layers and a crisp, mahogany exterior that goes everywhere on bite one and delights to the last crumb. We also try a morning roll, which… wow. It’s an incredibly delicate pastry with a huge, open crumb that’s somehow also super rich. Caramel collects at the bottom of the paper wrapper, buttery and full of fresh nutmeg, and the bun has a lovely crisp finish. 

Griffin Swartzell is a food reviewer and contributor for the Colorado Springs Indy. This Colorado Springs native joined as an intern in early 2014, freelancing until they joined the staff full-time in late 2015.