It’s nigh impossible to mess up a pillowy pocket of enriched dough just out of the fryer and still hot, and the folks who run this Manitou snack shack — soon to expand into a full dining room — know it.

Rocky Mountain Beignets’ success lies in the simple freshness of beignets that go from fryer to tray to customer, pausing only for an aggressive dusting of powdered sugar.

And we do mean aggressive, as literal mounds of the sweet stuff top a cardboard tray of three beignets to the point that a) we’re tapping excess sugar off each beignet before we bite in, and b) it gets absolutely everywhere.

Pro tip: Don’t wear black when eating here. The spot’s beignet bites rate just as sugar-decked in their plastic to-go container. Each quarter-sized piece of fried dough must be extracted from the powdered sugar like fossils from the Earth, preferably with a fistful of napkins at hand.

They’re delicious, of course, and lovely and light besides. Were the day of our visit not so scorching hot as it was, we would’ve ordered coffee — the perfect thing with fresh beignets. 

Griffin Swartzell is a food reviewer and contributor for the Colorado Springs Indy. This Colorado Springs native joined as an intern in early 2014, freelancing until they joined the staff full-time in late 2015.