Thai Tea with Pomegranate Boba at Lil C’s Bubble Tea

Left to right: Ola's Green Jolt wheatgrass shot, Mango Goji Fire, and the best-selling Thai Avocado Medjool.

4239 N. Nevada Ave., #113, 719-445-0090,

Perhaps the most succinct way to describe the choice to open a restaurant during a brief reprieve in the middle of a pandemic is “bold.” But there are plenty of bold decisions being made at Lil C’s, which opened June 13. There’s a system set up for karaoke nights, a game room with darts and arcade basketball machines and a semi-private game room available for rental. Bold, too, is the choice to ditch tapioca pearls and specialize entirely in popping pearls, which are filled with flavored juices and syrups.

We try a Thai tea with pomegranate boba, which works well due to creamy, under-sweet tea that makes a good background for a range of flavors. The pomegranate has more tang and less pure sweetness than grenadine, so it’s not quite so much of a sugar rush. We also try a mango-nada, which comes spicy or sweet. Going spicy, we get what is essentially a mango slush with chile-lime salt and chamoy, paired on advice with “chili” pearls full of a chile-lime syrup. It’s sweet, salty, spicy and tangy — an absolute treat in summer.