Two-month-old Enchanted Barista is what happens when coffee and fairy cultures collide, with a cute, whimsical vibe: giant, pretty fairy mural in a surreal naturescape, shiny golden sparkled floor, cosmic twinkle tabletops, and glitter for garnishing drinks. It’s the passion project of Caitlin Couch (daughter of Green Line Grill’s Bobby Couch), utilizing local Spanish Peaks-roasted beans (a medium-roast Huajatolla blend of undisclosed origins) and sweet treats from Sourdough Boulangerie, plus some pre-made dough for house croissant sandwiches. I’m greeted warmly by “Fairy Barista” Stephanie Taylor, who provides excellent customer service, suggesting fun tweaks for drinks, such as adding syrup-infused “cold foam” as a latte topper. “Our goal was to make something that the other Springs coffee shops don’t have,” she says.

With her guidance, I first order a glittered vanilla oat milk iced latte with cookie butter foam (cold-frothed heavy whipping cream, with stiff peaks), which she likens to Biscoff cookies by way of flavor. Yeah, it’s expectedly sweet, but super rich and velvety too, the topping reminiscent of Asian cheese teas, and the cookie and vanilla flavors bleeding into the strong, nutty coffee flavor. It’s not my norm, but a sugary treat I’m sure most drinkers will adore. Next up: a coconut milk matcha latte with blackberry syrup oat milk foam. The tannic green tea gains a thick texture and sweetness from the viscous coconut milk, and the berry accent adds an amusing, tart offset, kind of how boba pearls burst at bubble tea shops for fun flavor contrast. Lastly a butterfly pea tea, with a splash of lemonade on Taylor’s advice, with glitter mixed in.

This one has the purple color we’ve come to appreciate about butterfly pea flowers, but the decaffeinated herbal tea needs a longer steep (or increased quantity) to impart more flavor. I just taste a diluted lemonade mostly, thinking this creation needs another wave of the magic wand. On that note, the glitter’s underwhelming for the dollar upcharge; it could be incorporated more artfully and impactfully. (Pueblo’s The Sacred Bean bus sets a high bar, showing how far glitter can go.) In this thematic setting, why not go wild? It’s a rare review that gives me the chance to say: More glitter!