When The Garden opens sometime around April, tentatively, at 401 S. Nevada Ave., co-owner Julie Nasser says it’ll be the first real beer garden downtown, as well as a unique “integrated food truck experience.” Think: in the style of traditional beer gardens across Europe, with rows of picnic tables in an outdoor setting as the core component (not just a spot’s typical patio).

Oh, and ample beer and socializing (responsibly in a COVID world). How it’ll function is with an indoor central bar with indoor lounging space for around 50 people and outdoor space for 100 (when El Paso County is back to full capacity). Lush F2F Food Truck will be the permanent anchor truck parked on-site, and Nasser plans to have a rotating crew of four other trucks that trade off weekly shifts, monthly (so two trucks should always be present). Accounting for all weather conditions, The Garden will feature a pergola and several fire pits as well as fire inserts in some of the picnic tables that will kick some heat during cold months.

(FWIW I’ve been to Europe in winter a few times and those crazy cats drink outdoors in the cold sans heaters — so it can be done, we Americans are finding out.) All beers will be locally sourced, and spirits will be mostly Colorado-made too. Nasser describes the design aesthetic as a Southwest feel, with various materials, from flagstone to turf and both wood and metal adornments.


Food & Drink Editor

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