If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, sometimes you have to make it yourself. That was the attitude that led sisters Rebecca and Elizabeth Bayer (originally from Chicago) to open These Girls Got Beef food truck — because they couldn’t find authentic Chicago “beefs” in the Springs. While I can’t rate their authenticity, I can tell you their food is damn good. And they use rolls sourced from Chicago’s Turano Bakery.

The hot dogs and Polish sausages also come from Chicago, via Vienna Beef. The Italian sausage is made in Colorado (though its origins are a secret), however, grilled and served on a French roll with grilled onion, sweet peppers and mustard. While it could be juicier, the flavor maxes out with the onions and peppers. Mustard on Italian sausage is new to me, and I might skip it next time. But the French roll rates marvelous, with enough chew and structural integrity to stand up to the onslaught of gravy.

What gravy? That’s what you call the beefy, brothy sauce a Chicago Italian Beef is dipped in. You can get your sandwich dry (never do this!), wet (beef is dipped in the sauce before going on the sandwich), dipped (the whole sandwich gets a bath) or sauce on the side. If you’re really into the gravy, get a soggy: a plain, gravy-soaked roll. This isn’t thickened gravy, but a gorgeous, glorious broth resulting from top round braising (after searing) in homemade beef bone broth along with onion, garlic and herbs. Do I drink what’s leftover in my side cup? You bet I do. That top round, sliced paper thin, is mounded high and wide on the French roll. I could add sweet peppers or spicy giardiniera or both, but I opt for mozzarella cheese, hoping it will help hold the mountain of beef together. (Note: It doesn’t. I don’t care.)

As fabulous as the Italian Beef is, I think the Veggie deserves just as much of the spotlight, if not more. Marinated portobello mushrooms are thinly sliced and grilled, then piled into another magnificent, succulent mountain of deliciousness on a French roll. The homemade vegetable jus is every bit as delicious as the beefy variety, and this sandwich can also be dry, wet or dipped. There’s a spiciness to the mighty mushrooms, one that kept me saying, “Just one more bite.” These Girls Got Beef, and I feel very lucky that they share with the rest of us.