This shopping center near Patty Jewett Golf Course has been hopping of late, with long-standing Humble Coffee and newer Sasquatch Cookies joined by the third local Joey’s location, and soon Whistle Pig Brewing Company’s second location. Given our positive experiences at the Westside and Briargate Joey’s locations, we have high hopes for our order.

The Sinatra’s essentially a massive chicken Parmesan hero, but with its breaded chicken cubed rather than served as a cutlet. Upside, it’s a full, delicious meal for two, with a good red sauce and moist meat. Downside, it’s layered meat-sauce-cheese, so the breading gets soggy, though that’s a minor quibble.

Joey’s green chile pizza confirms that A) they still nail the open crumb/crisp exterior/chewy interior of good pizza crust, and B) simple things done well, like green chiles on a cheese pizza, can be awesome.

Plus, it’s $5 for a double shot of house-infused vodka. The mango’s great, but it’s the pickle vodka we bring home that puts poison and cure in one glass, with the booze burn fading into straight pickle juice taste.

Griffin Swartzell is a food reviewer and contributor for the Colorado Springs Indy. This Colorado Springs native joined as an intern in early 2014, freelancing until they joined the staff full-time in late 2015.