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READ: Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play

Get to know some of the top women kicking ass in gaming in Women in Gaming: 100 Professionals of Play, by Meagan Marie. The book, which profiles a diverse array of awesome women making a name for themselves in the industry, was actually published in 2018. However, game developer Crystal Dynamics has recently purchased the rights and released a digital copy to all readers for free. That’s right, you can score your own copy of Women in Gaming for zero dollars, which is the best amount of dollars to pay for anything, right? Get yours by heading over to


Horror continues to reign supreme as the genre of choice for many new emerging streaming series, with a brilliant array of options ranging from vicious violence to subtle scares. Enter Amazon Prime’s new original series Them, a 10-episode series about the Emorys, a family forced to contend with the malevolence of racism from their all-white, 1950s-era neighbors and sinister, otherworldly forces plaguing them in their only place of refuge — their own home. The show is intense, sad, scary and strangely beautiful with an all-star cast that masterfully draws you into their peril, both real and surreal. Premieres Friday, April 9.

LISTEN: Switched On Pop

Are you a pop music fanatic or a music lover enthralled with the untold stories of the hit songs climbing the charts each week? Switched On Pop is a loving look at a genre that is often maligned for the very popularity that defines it. Learn the history of songs like Wham’s “Last Christmas” and take a deep dive into the cult of Taylor Swift. Explore the weirdness of 1990s music or worship at the altar of Beyoncé. This affectionate examination of pop music spans decades — even centuries — and it’s always warm, friendly and unabashedly excited about pop in all its forms. Even if you hate pop with a passion, this quirky podcast is still worth a listen, if only to help you understand why everyone seems to love what you loathe.

PLAY: Outriders

Looking for a third-person RPG shooter that’s not a sequel in a franchise? Outriders might just be the answer to your gaming prayers. Set in the future on a hostile planet named Enoch, you are an Outrider, the last member of an elite exploration team awakened from a 30-year cryosleep and abruptly thrown into a mission — to save the struggling remnants of the human colony you were prevented from protecting in the past. The RPG elements of the game give you control over your character, allowing you to select from one of four classes, each with its own unique abilities. As you advance, you can customize your character further via a broad skill tree that allows you to unlock new skills and upgrade existing ones. Go it alone through the whole campaign or play as a duo or trio for a more social experience. Available now on most game consoles.