Law & Order

Law and Order: Organized Crime

WATCH: Law & Order: Organized Crime

Actor Christopher Meloni has returned to the long-running, multi-faceted Law & Order franchise, reprising his role as the conflicted, flawed investigator Elliot Stabler in Law & Order: Organized Crime. This time, however, Stabler won’t be chasing criminals as part of the famed Special Victim’s Unit. Instead, he’ll be combating organized crime as he attempts to rebuild his career and learn how to work within the New York Police Department and criminal justice system in the midst of a social reckoning. Should the show make it to a second season, executive producer Dick Wolf promises storylines inspired by iconic mob pieces like Scarface and American Gangster.

LISTEN: Anything for Selena

Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was riding a seemingly endless wave of fame as a global pop phenomenon when her life was tragically cut short. Murdered by her longtime friend just two weeks before her 24th birthday, Selena left a legacy that is still nurtured by her devoted fanbase nearly three decades later. Maria Garcia, managing editor of WBUR, explores the life and impact of Selena, both from her own perspective as a woman shaped by Selena’s influence as an icon and through the lens of pop culture and society. Available on most podcast platforms. 

PLAY: Judgment

A new killer is on the loose in Kamurocho, a fictional Tokyo neighborhood well-known for crime and violence. You’ll enter Judgment as Takayuki Yagami, a detective working to solve the new string of vicious murders that culminate in the killer removing the eyes of his victims. Game Informer’s Jeff Cork notes that developer Ryū ga Gotoku Studio has essentially ported over a variety of features from their famous Yakuza franchise and incorporated it into Judgment, including the location and activities. However, this is no sequel and, as Cork also notes, the new story and fresh angle allow players to enter a really awesome gaming universe unencumbered by the expectations and convoluted storylines that accompany a long-running franchise. Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia and XBox Series X/S.

READ: The Good Sister

The uptick in vaccinations may just mean that days of lounging on the beach, book in hand, might be in your future (Pueblo Reservoir counts, by the way). The Good Sister is ready to hop into your beach bag and fill your sunshiny day with the perfect amount of nefarious intrigue. Twin sisters Rose and Fern have endured a lifetime of hardship at the hands of their sociopathic mother. When Fern agrees to have a baby for her beloved sister, the decision has an unexpected impact on their lives and their relationship, bringing forth secrets that all sides thought would stay hidden forever. Wear sunscreen for this page-turner; you won’t be leaving your beach towel once you start reading.