Thunder Force

WATCH: Thunder Force

When scientist Emily Stanton accidentally powers up her estranged best friend Lydia with superhuman abilities, the pair quickly realize they may have found the solution to the swarm of super villains plaguing their city — if they can master their new skills and heal their friendship. Thunder Force stars the fabulous comedic matchup of Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy, real-life friends whose off-screen relationship definitely adds an extra special something to the portrayal of their on-screen characters. While this isn’t a perfect flick, don’t let the critics dissuade you; it’s a fun movie that is worth your time. 

READ: Caul Baby

Bestselling memoir author Morgan Jerkins makes her fiction debut with Caul Baby, a story of otherworldly power, familial tradition and long-nurtured vengeance. The Melancons are a powerful Harlem family that prospers by selling pieces of a caul known for its magical properties that protect the family from being harmed. When they refuse to help a young pregnant woman, it sparks a lifetime of consequences that will impact both the young woman’s family and the Melancons. Jerkins’ fans will recognize the same themes of race, place, family and belonging that are present in her memoirs, this time told through a compelling fictional narrative. 

LISTEN: How’s work?

Therapist Esther Perel continues her intimate foray into the relationships that make up our lives with a new season of the podcast How’s Work? Modeled on Where Should We Begin? — her other relationship podcast — How’s Work? lets listeners sit in on a single counseling session between co-workers, business partners or co-founders trying to resolve their differences and improve their professional relationships. Perel utilizes her signature combination of empathy and insight to help her clients get to the root of their disputes and find a path forward. Each week offers a different session, so listeners get to explore a variety of conflicts, many of which they have likely experienced in their own careers. Available April 24 on most podcast platforms.

PLAY: Sweet Existence

Fans of the sweet alien creatures of the Strange Planet comic series drawn by Nathan Pyle will delight in this lightweight, easy card game. Players take turns making connections, stealing cookies (sweet disks) and working hard to avoid the Perish card that will end the game for an unlucky player. The winner — or “most fortunate being” — is the person who ends up with the most cookies at the end of the game. Sweet Existence can be played with 4 to 8 players and includes a bonus for fans of the comic series: more than 100 exclusive comics created just for the game. Pick it up for a fun game night warm-up or a low-stakes game to play at the brewery.