Mining Colony

Play: Mining Colony

On an unknown planet in the not-too-distant future, resources are rapidly depleting, forcing humans to travel to a dangerous, uninhabitable planet nearby to gather more. Such is the premise of Mining Colony, a brand new tile placement and bidding game that has players compete for resources over 10 rounds of play, each broken down into three phases: discover, excavate and develop. You can play competitively, sniping resources and building out your colony, or you can play alone against a dummy player. Aesthetically speaking, the game is committed to the story, with a vibrant color palette of orange and red that definitely sets the mood for a game based on toiling your life away on a violently hot and inhospitable planet.

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Witches Jazmyne and Irya were once sworn foes, divided by their individual orders and mutual enmity. Now they must unite to defeat a common enemy, the violent, evil queen of the island of Aicaya — who also happens to be Jazmyne’s mother. Can they trust one another long enough to restore peace to their home? Vengeance and intrigue abound in this Jamaican-inspired young adult fantasy novel from author Ciannon Smart, and advance readers are already raving about the book’s diverse characters. Available April 20. 

Watch: Godzilla vs. Kong

Action epics have been few and far between in the last year, and understandably so. However, the highly anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong is determined to smash that hiatus into obscurity, pitting two legendary monsters against one another in a battle for the fate of humanity. The film will be screened in theaters for those who have been longing for extra-large popcorn and ear-wrecking surround sound. It’s also available to stream with an HBO Max subscription, making it easy for people still waiting for safer days to catch the flick at home. Opens March 31. 

Listen: The Habitat

Branded as the “true story of a fake planet,” The Habitat follows six volunteers as they move to a remote mountain in Hawaii and live out their lives as imitation astronauts. While it might sound like the next plot for a scripted MTV reality show, the volunteers have a real purpose — to help NASA get an inkling of how Mars colonization could play out in the future. Host Lynn Levy shares their journey with listeners, including candid personal diary entries about their day-to-day lives and their relationships with one another. Launches April 18. Available on most podcast platforms.