Bill makes Outdoor Recreation Industry Office permanent; EPC Parks Board opening

A bill pending in the Colorado legislature would make the state's Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC) a permanent office under the states Office of Economic Development.

OREC was created in 2015 by then-Governor John Hickenlooper, making it at the time only the second such statewide office in the country. OREC has accomplished much in its short existence, such as increasing the awareness of the impact of outdoor recreation on Colorado's economy, and bringing the prestigious Outdoor Industry Association's Outdoor Retail show to Colorado after the association cut ties with it's long time show venue in Utah. You can learn more about the goals of the office and what it has accomplished in my interview with its original director, Luis Benitez.

Since the office was created by appointment by Hickenlooper, and not by legislation, its existence is subject to the whim of whomever is governor. Under Senate Bill 1191, OREC would become a permanent part of state government under the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.