Bluestem Prairie Open Space follow-up and ribbon cutting, e-bike survey

One of the new signs installed in Bluestem Prairie

Back in December I wrote about the new trail at Bluestem Prairie Open Space, which is a great addition to what had been a rather boring, and short, out-and-back hike. I noted in the article that the trailhead map didn't show the new trail, and there were no wayfinding signs on the trail. Since then, a new informational sign has been erected at the trailhead, and new wayfinding signs have been installed along the trail.

A formal ribbon-cutting for the new trail at Bluestem Prairie is scheduled for Friday, March 13 at 10 a.m. at the current trailhead on Goldfield Drive.

Additionally, the city's Parks Department is planning to construct a new trail south through the open space to a proposed trailhead on Fontaine Boulevard, according to Emily Duncan, Trail Development Coordinator for the Parks Department. Weather permitting, construction should commence in March, said Duncan.

Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates is conducting a survey about e-bikes, which can be a complicated topic. They're asking for all trail users to weigh in on e-bikes and their place in outdoor recreation. The survey is open until March 13.

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