Indian Cave Trail #705 through Missouri Gulch is an oasis of non-motorized entertainment in an area with a lot of trails that otherwise allow vehicles. While motorized recreational users are as entitled as any other group to trails — they pay taxes just like anyone else, after all, and even pay extra registration fees — sharing a trail with them is kind of a pain. 

But no worries here... This obscure trail follows Trout Creek past sandstone hoodoos, rock walls, a weird structure of some type and cliffs overlooking the gulch and creek. At about 1.5 miles in, it steadily (and steeply) climbs away from the creek. 

Trail 705 Mystery Structure

One of the sights along this trail. What it is is anyone's guess.

At about 1.5 miles in, look for a canyon to the left and follow it for a little less than .2 miles. You'll find the trail heading up a hill to your right. At the top of the hill, the trail turns left and from there follows a ridge line. I followed the trail for about 2.2 miles before turning around, so you may want to explore farther. This hike will test your wayfinding skills and sense of adventure.

Things you need to know: A map of both the trails and the COTREX app show the trail ending at about 1.5 miles, although, as noted above, the trail goes far past that. The U.S. Forest Service web page for trails in the Pikes Peak Ranger District does not list this one, so information about the trail is pretty scarce. There's no cell phone service anywhere on this hike and a pit toilet is located at the motorized parking area/trailhead. 

Trail 705 route

GPS track of this hike when I did it in September, starting at the left side of the map.

How to get there: From the intersection of US Highway 24 and Colorado Highway 67 in Woodland Park, take Hwy. 67 north for about 10.5 miles and then turn right onto Forest Service Road 350. After about 1,100 feet, bear right at the fork, turning onto Forest Service Road 348. After another .25 miles, at a sharp left turn in the road, the trail will be on the right.

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