Booger Red Overlook

This fairly easy hike has some great views.

I find trails to hike a number of ways: I might see a social media reference, or  a mention on some website or other, or someone tells me about a trail they've been on, or asks me about a trail. 

Mostly, however, I find a trail to hike by poring over maps, either traditional printed or on-line. And once I find a new trail, I've got to find a good reason to make the trip to the trail. Is it particularly difficult or easy? Does it go to a peak, or a lake, or offer some great views? Does it have some historical significance?

And sometimes, like with the subject of this column, it's the name. When I spotted the name "Booger Red", I had to check it out. I mean, how could I pass up a trail with a name like that? 

See slideshow below for details

How To Get There: Take Teller County Road 1 south from US Highway 24 in Florissant for a little over 9 miles and then turn right onto Teller County Road 11 (follow sign for Canon City). After another 4 miles, bear left and remain on CR 11 where it meets CR 112 (again, follow sign for Canon City). About 4 miles later, right after a sharp right hand bend in the road, look for a BLM sign for "Booger Red" on the left side of the road (see slideshow). 

Things to Know: This is a pretty easy, family and dog friendly hike.  BLM closes the gate off of CR 11 when road 5808 is wet, so don't go right after a heavy rainstorm. You can check on BLM road closures at this website, or call the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office: 719-269-8500.  There are no water or restroom facilities available at the trailhead or along this hike. 

In other news, the City of Colorado Springs and the Incline Friends opened a new trail exit off of the Manitou Incline on Thursday, September 3rd. Located at tie #1300, the 1 mile trail comes off of the north side of the Incline and ends up on El Paso County's Ute Pass Trail, about .5 miles from the base of the Incline. The construction of the trail was funded by the Incline Friends.  This trail exit is in addition to another north side exit located at tie #395, which utilizes an old utilities access. The total distance from the exit at #395 to the base of the incline is about .35 miles.

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