End-of-season live performances give School of Rock students a chance to use their skills in a band.

The year 2020 is behind us and 2021 is starting to look promising. Congress has included the Save Our Stages Act in the newest stimulus package. The bill, signed by President Donald Trump Dec. 27, allocates $15 billion in funding for venues, bars and theaters affected by the pandemic, and essentially the year without shows. That will be a tremendous help for the many, many people in the live music industry who had their world flipped upside down last year.

With a new year, there are, of course, those New Year’s resolutions. You could be wanting to shed some pounds for that bikini bod, or maybe finally learn how to play that instrument that’s been collecting dust in the corner. On Oct. 20, School of Rock opened a location here in Colorado Springs at 7535 N. Academy Blvd. “School of Rock?!” you say? “Like the movie?!” Yes! School of Rock has become a franchise around the country and now there’s one here in town. It offers a variety of lessons in a unique setting, ranging from one-on-one lessons to full group band practices where you learn a full set of songs with others and perform them live at the end of the season. 

“I wish this would’ve been around when I was learning to be a musician,” says School of Rock Studio Coordinator Baylee Parks. “I took traditional music lessons my whole life and though I’m thankful for them, I didn’t truly learn to be a performer until later in life,” she says. “We take students and put them in a band with kids their own age.” Ages range from 6 to 13, and all the way up to 18. They also offer adult classes and an adult band.

It is a unique and fun way of learning because they will teach a kid a part one-on-one, and then bring them into a full band practice setting with other students, learning a full set of material to perform together later on at a live show. The students learn so much more about music, too, by performing these unfamiliar songs.

For more information on classes, and rates, you can visit them online at:

Maybe your resolution is to stop pissing off your neighbors by performing Judas Priest covers at 4 in the morning? You’re in luck! Because there are several 24/7 rehearsal studios in town.

You may know Luke Blanton as the singer/guitarist for local punk rock heartthrobs The Sleights. For the last 10 years, he has managed multiple studio spaces for bands. He’s currently running four buildings, one on Circle, one on Platte Place, one on South Academy and another one on Chelton. These studios are rentable on a month-to-month basis and are very affordable for a musician’s budget. That means you can still afford a burrito on the way home from practice.

“I love running the studios because creative spaces are rare and often not thought to be that important. A good practice space ends up being like a member of the band or an instrument,” says Blanton. “One thing I have noticed over the 10 years is that bands and musicians often meet taking breaks or hanging around the buildings,” he says. “New projects get formed, shows get put together, hell — even tours form. I love being able to provide a space that accommodates that.”

For more information on practice space rentals, you can contact Luke at 719-440-8306.  

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