The release party for Brandon Henderson’s new album is Friday at Boot Barn Hall.

Colorado Springs has a jam-packed weekend ranging from album release shows to indie rock shows and hip-hop mega bangers! We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s stop talking about the weather and get to the good stuff!

Singer/songwriter Brandon Henderson will be releasing his new album, Heart of the World, which captures an eight-year journey of life changes, new songs and the reimagining of older pieces. “Most of the songs on the album were written over the last eight years or so with the exception of one song called “Ocean Symphony,” which is a do-over from my previous album. I wrote the first six songs when I was still living in Denver and wasn’t really playing out anymore. I played the occasional gig here or there, but at that point I had to be at work at 5 a.m. most days, so it wasn’t too conducive to being out late playing shows,” Henderson explains. “This, of course, led to me becoming pretty depressed, so I decided to make a plan to get back to playing music again. The remainder of the songs were written over these last six years, as I’ve gotten back to being a full-time musician.” The album was recorded in April of 2019 right before releasing the May You Rise EP. “It was a challenge and took a lot of patience, but I’m really happy with how it turned out,” he says. The full-length album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nate Jones.  

Henderson also had a handful of talented musicians working with him on the album to give it that powerful full band sound. “Jon Collins, Josh Day, Matthew Taylor, and Taylor Biskup are the other musicians on the record, and they’re all super talented and really made it what it is,” says Henderson. “I’m biased, but I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I have all of them to thank for that. I’m just excited to put it out into the ether for others to hear. I’ve heard it quite enough,” he laughs.  

Though vinyl was the desired format, worldwide delays are making CDs an easier option at the moment. “I wanted to have it pressed to vinyl but the turnaround times for vinyl right now are insane due to the increase in demand during the pandemic, and all the big-box retailers jumping on the vinyl train,” explains Henderson. The release show for Heart of The World will be this Friday, Oct. 8, at Boot Barn Hall. Everyone who buys a ticket to the show will receive a free CD of the album.  

Also on Oct. 8, head down to Fritzy’s to see the dark, ethereal bliss that is Bleakheart. The band is the brainchild of JP Damron, who has played gnarly drums in heavy groups such as Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Vermin Womb and In the Company of Serpents. This is a softer, but equally crushing departure from his previous grindcore and doom metal efforts. “Heavy music is what I’m drawn to when it comes to drumming, but with guitar I’ve always been drawn to music on the somber side,” explains Damron. “I’ve had a lot of struggles with mental health over the years, and the music I write is the manifestation of some of those feelings.”

Bleakheart was formed in 2017 as a recording project with JP playing all of the instruments and haunting vocals handled by Kelly Schilling of prog metal act Dreadnought. The project has now turned into a full band with Schilling on vocals and keyboards, Mark Chronister on guitar, Josh Kaufman on drums and the newest addition of Jen GaNun on vocals and synth. While starting as a solo project, the full band attack has made Bleakheart a different force. “On the first demo, I recorded everything except vocals. It was fun to just go for it and do everything on my own. That said, the band would never be what it is now without all the other members. It has become something more than I could have ever created as a solo artist,” explains Damron.

With Bleakheart at Fritzy’s: Colorado Springs shakers of sludge Clarion Void and the debut show from two-piece Tartar Dust. Fritzy’s will be carrying out some more awesomeness over the weekend on Saturday, Oct. 9, with the indie/math rock of Philadelphia’s Church Girls along with SemiFiction and Tiny Tomboy. This will be a great evening of indie rock and progressive math rock sounds.

Also on Saturday, local hip-hop artist Def One will be hosting an insanely packed double album release show for his new album Puff Tuff 2: Puff Tuffer. The show will feature Minneapolis loop legend Carnage The Executioner, TMC, Big Ro, Jeffe the GMC, Stoney Bertz, Milogic, Mad Trees, MC IQ, Elimenence, Bad Neighbors and BBMC.