Dirty Kings will play The Black Sheep on May 28 alongside Lamb Bed. 

Shows have slowly been making a comeback at The Black Sheep. So far, the venue’s done a few reduced-capacity events with bands like Wildermiss, Letters From the Sun, Sensi Trails and Tejon Street Corner Thieves. Colorado Springs rockers Dirty Kings just announced an event with Lamb Bed on May 28 at The Sheep that will not only rock, but will also most certainly roll.

Over the past year, while not performing live, Dirty Kings have focused on new music and a new album, and they’re ready to hit the stage again. “We took advantage of the situation and concentrated on writing and recording our second album, Crown Jewel, which will be out this summer,” says vocalist Andrew Sample.

The band also has picked up a spicy new drummer, Jameson Becker (Laymen Terms, Malakai, Goya, Had I Known and many more). “The addition of Jameson has made Dirty Kings much stronger,” says Andrew. “Our songwriting and live performances are as sharp as ever.”

Though recording and writing are always important, sometimes nothing beats a good, live performance. “Not only is live music so important to all fans and musicians, but we’re a guitar-driven heavy rock ’n’ roll band and we thrive off of the energy created between the band and crowd,” explains Andrew. “Our live show, like our songwriting, is better than ever and we can’t wait for May 28 with our pals in Lamb Bed!” The bands will play before a reduced-capacity crowd of 100 people and there will be an outside patio area as well, which is expected to help with social distancing.

Isolating from crowds and live venues can make for new and creative studio music. Michael Stephens from Against Tomorrow’s Sky of the excellent Monsters of Mock Halloween shows and a variety of other powerful projects, has just released two new tracks from his new electro pop project, Firework Insurance. Firework Insurance released a self-titled full length album in August 2019, and there are plans for a new album to be released this fall. But for now, we get a little teaser with new songs “4/1 Forever” and “Average Arrows.” The tracks have a smooth synth pop tone reminiscent of David Bowie and pull influence from Mike’s personal god, a man known to the rest of the world as Tom Petty.

“I was a long-hair ’80s rocker, but I always loved the New Wave stuff too, like Gary Numan and Depeche Mode. I’ve always been drawn to the sound of synths,” Michael explains. “In the ’90s, I also got obsessed with hip-hop and trip hop. It’s always been in my mind to make electronic music.

“So I finally bought an MPC Live and some nice synths and started messing around,” he says. “Turns out, I enjoy making electronic music more than rock music. It’s so fun!”

Beyond the new singles and album, “more music will be coming,” he says. “Being alone at home makes a mind wander.” Check it out at

New music’s being created all over the state. Keith Sanchez is no stranger to Colorado’s underground scene. Performing in bands including Catheter, Grimey, Smaug, he recently started a new weed-infused death metal project in Denver with members of Cephalic Carnage and Scalefreia. Neuromorphic does a special brand of death metal catering to the THC-friendly. They just released their debut EP, A Few Hits From The Zip File, engineered and recorded by Sanchez at his studio Rancho De Sancho Sound Studios. It’s available on CD (a limited run of 100) and is on all major music-streaming platforms.