Their new album Frail Existence is part of Voltaic’s plan to bring back the intensity and adrenaline of thrash.  

We are just a few weeks into the new year and the creativity keeps flowing. There will be a full year of material coming out, and it excites me! It may very well be 2021, but if you listen to the newest album from Voltaic, it will make you feel like you’re in another place in time. 

The Pueblo thrashers not only put out a killer album, but they also created a time machine. One listen to Frail Existence and you will feel like you’re in 1984. Denim actually grew around me as I listened for the first time. It was recorded by Matt Herrera at LastLeaf Audio and offers a refreshing new look at the thrash and death metal sounds of the mid ’80s and early ’90s with a great new polished touch. The album is so packed with remnants of bands like Death, Repulsion, Nuclear Assault and Slayer that it might just make you circle pit in your living room as you listen. You might be thinking, “Thrash! So the band must be older?” No way, Buster! The band consists of fresh metal blood (might want to consult a doctor) ranging in age from 19 to 21, and that is very refreshing.

“We play thrash because of the intensity of the music and the feeling of adrenaline we get from performing live. It is a way to release and express our emotions through our favorite genre of metal,” says bassist/vocalist Issiah Moreno. “We think that thrash can make a comeback locally and globally because of the sheer brutality laced within the music,” he says. “The music is defined by its vast influence and unrelenting force, which will always leave people asking for more.” You can find Frail Existence on all streaming platforms along with Bandcamp, where you can also order a physical CD of the album. Check it out at

More fresh blood comes pouring out of Colorado Springs indie rockers Tiny Tomboy. The band was formed in 2019 while its members were attending Colorado College. While they haven’t been performing shows lately, the band still collaborates on new music remotely. They recently released a psychedelic single tackling the issues of insomnia called “Midnight Launderette.” The song takes you on an ethereal journey through the sleeping and waking mind by starting off slow and ending upbeat. You can find “Midnight Launderette” on all major streaming platforms. You can also find this single and more at their Bandcamp page,

In November 2019, one-man weirdo punk project Louse unleashed a debut cassette tape out of nowhere. Since then, Louse mastermind Quintin Gamer has assembled a band to play live, which performed one show before the pandemic and a Halloween livestream. He just released a sneak preview on the Louse Instagram page announcing that a new album is in the works. It will be a unique blend of all things lo-fi: “I would call it hardcore synthwave, futurepunk, digital hardcore, something along those lines,” laughs Quintin. You can view the Halloween set on YouTube at The first EP is available to stream on Bandcamp:

This can be the year to be inspired. Now is the time for you to start that project you’ve been wanting to work on. Start a one-man band, start a band, be creative, make art; the world needs it, you need it and we need it. 

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