Kick off the holiday weekend with Long Beach’s Chase Petra at Vultures.

The holiday weekend is upon us! This week, Wednesday feels like Friday as most people have the following day off. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is often regarded as one of the busiest bar nights of the year, which makes perfect sense — people are in town visiting family, so why not go out for the night?

This Wednesday, there are a number of choices if you’re in the mood for some great live music. You can head to Vultures, where they’re having an emo-esque indie rock party. Long Beach indie outfit Chase Petra will grace the stage along with Fia, Puzzle Theory and Strung Short. Head next door to The Black Sheep for D.C. hip-hop artist Sa-Roc along with Sol Messiah and Know Self. You can also go see a special show for a good cause at Stargazers Theatre (bring a donation for Care and Share Food Bank). They’ll be hosting the 40th and Final Hungry Farmer Bands Reunion. If you’ve lived in town for a long time, you are likely familiar with Hungry Farmer Restaurant, which sat where the Chick-fil-A is now on Garden of the Gods Road. In 1979 The Hungry Farmer hosted a Thanksgiving meal for musicians who had nowhere to go or didn’t have much to spend. After the meal, those musicians had a jam session, and other than a few missed years, the tradition continued. This will be an evening of music and memories as they pay tribute to band members Rob Wheeler and Joe Bevans, who passed away recently. 

Thursday, as you know, is Thanksgiving, so all will be gorging themselves in front of family and football, with no live music tonight.

The dreaded day of capitalism is now upon us, Black Friday. Instead of spending your dollars at corporate big-box stores, why not keep it local? A variety of record stores in town will be having a great day, with exclusive Record Store Day releases. Independent Records, The Leechpit and What’s Left Records will all be carrying exclusive releases along with fun deals throughout the day. At 7 that evening, What’s Left Records will host a Black Friday Hip-Hop Social with a beat showcase, freestyle cypher, and performances from Elimence, Seance, Falseyedols, Prefab Soul, El Sonso and Turismo Blu. (Disclaimer, What’s Left Records is my shop, but I encourage going to ALL the great shops in town!) There’s more fun to be had on Friday at Lulu’s with Chuck Snow and Goodmorningaccordiannemesis. The Black Sheep will be hosting an outdoor-style festival inside both Friday and Saturday. It’s called Adventure to Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain and features DJs, producers, vendors and live performances. It’s also a call to artists who want to perform at future events.

Saturday brings more live music to Vultures with a mixed-genre bill featuring the pop punk of Denver’s Years Down, indie rock from Colorado Springs’ Grimmly, melodic metalcore from Between The Heart, and more indie rock from Dryerline.

That’s it for events this weekend, but we will be back next week with more! Be sure to have a great long weekend and try to be grateful for who and what you have in your life. If you have any future events, or albums coming out, please let us know by emailing