Super Clang, a new group from Manitou Springs, is releasing its first EP with seven songs covering a mix of genres.

It is a very refreshing feeling to be seeing live events come back to life, and hearing the projects that were worked on over the past year finally come to fruition. Many bands have worked hard during the pandemic creating music that reflected the space they were in, and now it is finally being shared.

Kalakuta is a new slow, low and heavy force in music that you will feel in your gut instead of your ears. They arise from the ashes of their former doom metal band Still Valley to fly even higher with a new sound. After wanting to take music in a different direction, members Nick Pryor, Joe Cherry and David Grimm took well over a year reimagining their direction and creating pulverizing heavy tunes in the process.

“I think the change over to Kalakuta had a lot to do with just the way that we were all really feeling about the things going on in each of our lives,” explains guitarist/vocalist Nick Pryor. “Still Valley, even though it wasn’t exactly happy, wasn’t the right way to represent our feelings through music, so we started something new that just felt more appropriate, darker, heavier, more true to the Null existence, ya know?”

Kalakuta were supposed to play their debut show last year but as we all saw, 2020 had a different plan for us all. They are finally ready to perform live on July 2 at The Black Sheep with masters of metal Tovenaar and Clarion Void. You can find tickets at

Manitou Springs sits in the beautiful mountains, awash in crisp air (wait, bro... are you sure that’s the air?). It only makes sense that it would be a place where great music and art happen. Hunter Bogush, Steve Bates and Egan Anderson make up one of Manitou Springs’ newest rock outfits, Super Clang. They will be releasing their first EP on June 24, appropriately titled Our First E.P. The concept for the band was formed in March 2020, and after a member change and name change, Super Clang is now seeing its final form. It’s a fuzzy blend of psychedelic and classic rock — the band describes it as a classical rock and pop band.

“In looking at the pop world with a sense of irony and the rock world for the positive power it has conveyed, we merge the past with future,” explains singer/guitarist Hunter Bogush. “Super Clang is a tragedy and a comedy, looking at the darkness in order to find the light inside.”

Our First E.P. is a seven-song introduction to the band that showcases multiple genres. “It’s a mix of all things conscious and subconscious, classical rock that takes back the name of pop on this jazzy, progressive, goofy, heavy/soft, deep E.P.,” says Bogush. The album will be available on CD and on all major streaming platforms.

Also from Manitou, Folk duo Leo & The Lark will do a special performance Friday, June 25, in honor of the release of their new full-length album, Inveiglement. The duo’s Kiera Lynn and Michael Edmiston will be joined by a full band to really make this event special. The album is streaming on all major platforms. 

Stargazers Theatre will have a packed week of shows with Mary & The Pharaoh along with The Gilmore Family Band on Saturday, June 26. Mary & The Pharaoh is a collaboration of Woodshed Red Vocalist/Violinist Deirdre McCarthy and guitarist JJ Murphy. On June 29 and 30, Stargazers will host Louisiana blues artist Tab Benoit. Tab has won the BB King Entertainer of the Year award, along with being inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. Find tickets and more information on these events and more at


Editor's note: This story has been corrected. Kalakuta is playing The Black Sheep on July 2, not July 7.