New releases by Brian Elyo (Mobdividual) were not made for public consumption.

For many musicians, this has been a time full of inspiration to create in ways they haven’t before. The process of putting out a full release can often be a lot to handle. It takes planning release dates, artwork, concepts, pressing, and the list goes on. Sometimes artists just want to get their emotions out there and let you hear what they’ve been feeling in the moment, even if you weren’t originally meant to hear it.

Brian Elyo, the force behind the one-man ambient noise project Mobdividual, just released two demo albums of ambient noise, originally not meant for the public to hear. He also has another two on the way.

“I recorded these songs to accompany the short nature films I make, so the goal of them is to be very meditative and super chill,” explains Elyo. “I decided they sound pretty good on their own too; with your eyes closed or while reading, working or doing art.” He continues, “A few people were asking for the audio without the videos, so I put these on Bandcamp to share with them privately. Since I started getting so much positive feedback, I decided to make them public, and will continue to do so.”

Demos I and II were recorded between April and June of 2020, while Demos III and IV were recorded from June to November. “It is all created and designed to transport you away from wherever ‘here’ is right now,” says Elyo. You can watch the nature videos on the Mobdividual YouTube channel and listen to the demos, along with all of his other music, on Bandcamp.

Also releasing new experimental material is Kate Perdoni of Spirettes, Rocky Mountain PBS, Eros and the Eschaton, and overall community badass. She has been releasing solo work on Bandcamp under the moniker Non Voyage.

“The pandemic has given me time to be silent, to stay home from an otherwise nonstop life, to tap in and listen to the core akin to the art of my youth, when I had no one to answer to but myself,” says Perdoni. “I’m releasing songs and videos and covers into the world as they emerge. There’s no release date or anticipatory messaging. It just happens when it happens.”

With other projects, there is often a lot of pressure in releasing a full-length album, so this has been a refreshing experience for Kate. “I love it this way. It saves all the creative energy for the moment it needs to be expressed, and then it’s out in the world,” she says. “It makes me really happy and it makes me feel very alive. Again, it’s akin to the art of my youth — recording albums in my bedroom and giving them to friends when they were done without much fanfare, but with a sense of satisfaction and completion.” You can find these songs on the Non Voyage Bandcamp page.

In other releases, teenage pop punkers Strung Short will be releasing their self-titled debut album on Nov. 20. They really showcase how the younger generations are still eager to create and make things happen for themselves. They self-recorded at their home studio, Arcadia Studios, and will be releasing the album digitally on all major streaming platforms. They are also doing a special crowdfunding preorder for vinyl that you can find at

Strung Short are heavily influenced by pop-punk staples such as Blink-182, Green Day and Alkaline Trio, so you know what that means — it’s time to forget about that ex of yours, hop on that skateboard and pop this bad boy on your headphones. 

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