Anthony “Dub” Welch is busy with several projects, to include The Riff Rag mag.

Anthony “Dub” Welch is no stranger to the Colorado Springs music scene. He has played for several decades in metal bands Gripped, Erased, 7 Year Coma and many more. Welch still plays in bands The Dub Project, Planetary 27 and even a Beastie Boys cover band called Sabotage.

In October, Planetary 27 recorded its first full-length album. They will start releasing singles this month, and hope to release the full album when things get a little more normal. “A full-on CD release will likely happen when things clear up a bit and we can enjoy a true CD release celebration,” says Welch. 

In addition to playing music, Welch is also the founder of local DIY music magazine The Riff Rag. After six years of being a printed magazine, they have now made the decision to go digital. “The pandemic sort of forced my hand,” explains Welch. “The March issue had just hit the streets when the pandemic hit. The majority of my advertisers were shut down during the stay-at-home order, so I knew I couldn’t afford to print the April issue. I thought about giving up on it altogether. Then it hit me to keep it going digitally — same magazine look, only it would be read online or through [digital] subscriptions.”

Welch said he has been dedicated to covering local musicians for a long time and didn’t want to give up. “The music scene is part of my pulse. It keeps me going. I just wasn’t ready to give up on featuring the vast talent we have in southern Colorado.” Current and past issues of The Riff Rag can be found online at Subscribers get a PDF file of the full magazine sent to their email monthly.

Magazines aren’t the only thing changing in a digital world. The way people release albums has also morphed. With many artists opting for digital-only releases, some still want to release music on tangible mediums. Vinyl, CDs and tapes are the most common formats, but some artists are getting creative. 

For instance, noise label Washing Machine Tapes is releasing Voiddweller’s newest album on a condom. Yes, you read that correctly, the album will be a condom with a QR code that links to the music — a good way to promote listening to music safely? 

Mark Warm, co-founder of Washing Machine Tapes, along with Monte Davis Jr., moved to Colorado Springs last year from Iowa and has been creating solo noise under the moniker Dead Hawk. Washing Machine Tapes was started as an outlet for friends creating experimental music and is based in Colorado Springs and Michigan. On Feb. 14, they will drop a batch of five albums that includes the Voiddweller album along with a split by artists Rush Falknor and Crystal Lakes from Illinois. Other tapes will be released by artists Palm Hands, Closer Bones, Support Unit and Francesco Terrini from the Philippines. Warm will also be dropping his 10-year anniversary Dead Hawk album Leaving Home on cassette. To find more info on Washing Machine Tapes, visit

Colorado-grown hip-hop artist Joey Trust just released his newest single, ”Faded Memories,” off his forthcoming EP entitled Family EP 2. The song touches on personal experiences, while delivering a positive message. “It is about my father who passed away when I was a kid. I wanted to stress the importance of positive male role models in a young person’s life,” explains Trust. “I wanted to put out wholesome content, being that the genre is often hyper-masculine and violent.” The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Macadoe here in Colorado Springs. You can find it on YouTube, SoundCloud and on his official website:

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