Silversound Guitar’s space sets just the right mood for its in-person teaching.

We’re already into another month of 2021, More new releases are coming out, and people are starting to feel creative and eager to learn again. This week we will talk about some great new releases and the value of learning how to play instruments.

Music lessons are a very important one-on-one experience. Social distancing can change that a bit, but Silversound Guitar found a way to still teach remotely and have now been getting back into safe, in-person lessons.

“A lot changed with the pandemic,” says Silversound co-owner, Mark Young. “Lucky for us we had some knowledge and streaming experience so we transitioned away from in-person for a hot while and did only virtual lessons.”

Silversound Guitar was started in 2016 by Young and Jon Gillan as a way to teach guitar, bass, drum and piano lessons.

Although it’s been a hurdle, this COVID time has been an eye-opener about the sense of community and support in our music scene. “We noticed that during the pandemic, creating a community around music and having a place for musicians to go is what helped us succeed,” says Mark. “We have been very fortunate with the music community in our city.”

Now that the restrictions have loosened up a little, “we have a mix of both virtual and in-person, with rules that need to be followed while in-person,” Mark says. For more info on Silversound Guitar, visit

While you can be very skilled at an instrument, sometimes life can happen and all knowledge of it can be taken away in the glimmer of an eye. Sean Melody has been involved in the Colorado underground goth scene for over 30 years. He has played in thrash, punk and synthpop bands in Denver over the years and has done several DJ sets down here in Colorado Springs at The Underground, The Rocket Room/Zodiac, and Club Q. In 2008, Sean suffered a traumatic brain injury that resulted in a loss of almost all of his technical knowledge and evolved a year later into a seizure disorder. But that didn’t stop him from getting back into the swing of things.

 “Because of DJing the goth and industrial nights, I helped out and filled in for the bands Suspension 9 and Neuro-Sentence while I was relearning most of my musical background,” Sean explains. “One of my brothers donated a bunch of equipment, since I wasn’t really doing music, and we have built a studio from there, because working on music was actually helping me on multiple levels.” In 2016, Sean’s mother unfortunately passed away, and through music came an outlet.

“I just started writing and recording,” Sean says. “From there I just haven’t really been able to stop writing. But so much of it has a different feeling, so I decided to release it as different projects.”

Over the past summer, Sean has released four separate projects on Bandcamp: Critical Reaction Technique, N.Fury.8, Victim 323 (a rebirth of his ’90s solo project), and 0s0. These projects range from experimental Industrial, EBM and experimental noise in the vein of bands like Throbbing Gristle and CAN, to dark instrumental electronica. 

All four just dropped new releases for Bandcamp Day on Feb. 5, and I recommend checking them out. These transcendent soundscapes take you away while the crunching of the beats keeps you fully engaged. You can find these albums and the rest of Sean Melody’s discography online at If you are into beats and movement, I recommend the projects 0s0 and N.Fury.8. For those of you more interested in the experimental noise side of things, Victim 323 and Critical Action Technique will be right up your alley.

With more music that takes you on an adventure, psychedelic folk artist Mason Wheatley just released a new single called “Radioflyer.” This goes along nicely with the engaging, psychedelic four-song EP titled All Creations that he released last summer. The EP is a lucid journey into the mind. The opening song, “Overture,” sets it up perfectly and is the kind of song you would hear in a montage of your life. It then goes to “Son,” which is vibed-out ’60s psych excellence. This EP is relaxing, chilled out and engaging. You can find the entirely self-produced All Creations EP and “Radioflyer” on all major streaming platforms and on Bandcamp.