Bullhed*ded is releasing their second Heartstones comic book/EP combo.

’Tis the season for giving! There are, fortunately, many groups and organizations that get food, toys and clothing to those in need. One thing that often gets overlooked when people donate is menstrual hygiene products. Clothes, toys and food are all very helpful and of course that should not stop, but people who don’t have regular access to tampons/pads — and the health consequences when they use unhygienic alternatives — often go unnoticed. Go With the Flow is an annual event/fundraiser hosted by local nonprofit HOME (Humans Optimistically Motivating Each-other). For the past five years, Go With the Flow has been a music-centric event held at Flux Capacitor and the Triple Nickel.

The project was started in 2015 by local artists Noel Edie and Melanie McKee. “I wanted to do it because I want everyone to know they are loved,” says Noel. “My favorite part of the whole thing was when people would get 500-plus tampons and pour them into the donation bin. Seeing how excited people were to donate or buy local art really warmed my heart.”

Menstrual cycles are a normal part of everyday life and yet they still carry a stigma and bring up uncomfortable feelings for many women. “Girls legit feel humiliation in junior high/high school over having a period and that’s just ridiculous,” says McKee. “Eliminating the stigma is incredibly important to me.”

With COVID-19 happening, a big concert is not a feasible way to do the event/fundraiser this year, but that doesn’t mean that people suddenly don’t need these products. So HOME has decided to make this a longer event by having donation bins available at local businesses. They also plan on having a livestream this month with local acts Cheap Perfume, Tejon Street Corner Thieves and Saustro. You can find bins to donate tampons, pads, etc. at Novis Mortem Collective and What’s Left Records (disclosure: co-owned by Bryan Ostrow, who writes this column, and his brother Sean). These items will be collected and distributed to organizations that have a longer reach, such as Springs Rescue Mission, TESSA and Native American-focused nonprofit One Nation Walking Together. For information on the cause, donation drop-offs, and info on the livestream, go to

Speaking of flow, there have been some great hip-hop releases coming out that have so much flow, you might need a pad or two! Local rapper/DJ Earsiq just released a song packed with artists including Colorado rappers The Unknown, Damn Selen and Jeffe of Clydesdale Ent., and also features artists from Minnesota’s Capaciti, Doc Remedy from Ohio, and Cincinnati’s AP Counterfit. The track is called “Makeshift Kingdom.” “I want to showcase the beautiful work my peers can do,” explains Earsiq. This song will be available on all digital streaming platforms, and in 2021 there will be a limited tape run of this song along with a bonus track.

719 hip-hop favorites Bull-head*ded have been releasing a three-part series of comic books that have an accompanying music EP. They are releasing their second comic titled Heartstones that goes with their EP of the same name. “They are kind of companion pieces. One doesn’t depend on the other, but they do tell a bigger story together,” says Bullhead*ded crazy man, ZETfree. The band came up with the storyline for the comics and got help from tattoo artist Mike Garcia for the art. Following this release, they will also be releasing a single called “Home” with New Mexico rapper Wake Self. They were working on this song last year, before Wake Self tragically passed away. His death shook the band hard. Between that and COVID, motivation to do more music just wasn’t there, but the band feels like now is the right time to put the song out to honor him respectfully and get back to what they do best.

In 2021, Bullhead*ded will release the final piece of the comic/music project. It will be available complete as a box set along with all of their material on vinyl. You can pre-order the comic at

Langue D’Amour is a new hip-hop project from Dangermancam. He just released the debut album on Bandcamp. This is a beautiful lo-fi treat with spoken word, experimental noise and discordant melodies. Listening to the album is what a dark collage would sound like, in the best possible way. The beats were made by local electronic artist Bitsutra while aspects of production including guitars and samples were handled by Glitter Gore. Dangermancam handles the spoken word, and raps along with guest vocals by Cyotti. You can find the album digitally on Bandamp. 

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