Brandon Metz, Kyrt Ellis and Jeff Krieger make up the local alt-rock band, My Life as a Bear.

My Life as a Bear is a new Colorado Springs alternative rock band born out of several other projects. In February 2020, Brandon Metz and Kyrt Ellis, formerly of Audible and Sound Studies, joined Jeff Krieger, previously of GhostRadio, to create on their terms. The result: fun, raw music.

“Kurt and I decided we wanted to do something fun with no rules,” explains Metz, vocalist/guitarist. “Jeff hit me up to write some lyrics and help play on some of the solo songs he’d been working on and in the midst of doing that, I said, ‘You know what would be really fun? If you came by and we just played together.’ And we decided this is pretty fun, lets just do this!”

They spent the pandemic taking their time creating music, sharing it with people only when the band was ready. “We didn’t want it to exist until we were ready for it to exist. Being in a band is always about you constantly telling people there are big things coming, or everyone asking when the album is coming out. And you say it’s coming out for like a year because you get busy playing shows,” explains Metz. “The pandemic actually kind of helped, because we couldn’t play shows.”

They recorded material at Colorado Springs’ Wescott Pro Audio with Schylar Woods in a very warm, organic way that comes through perfectly on the album. “We just talked to him and said this is what we want to do. We want to record live ... so it sounds like a bunch of guys playing together in a room,” says Metz. “We got the bass drums and guitars done at the same time. Since I like to do like 9,000 vocals, we layered those separately,” he says. 

EP001, the result of those sessions, brings a raw but polished feel. It is a great emotional blend of alt rock from the ’90s and even includes bits of progressive rock from artists like Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree. “We were able to record music in a way that we wanted to. Since I’m older, I’m always going to complain that computers kill rock music, cuz you can quantize shit and it takes the feel out of it so we wanted to go back to a pure thing; make the music we make in an old-school way,” explains Metz. My Life as a Bear will be playing their first show together Friday, July 23, with Dan Goebel and These Hands at The Black Sheep. You can also find EP001 on all major streaming platforms. 

The Black Sheep continues to fill up its calendar with events. This weekend alone you can catch the above-mentioned show, or hit up the Sheep the day before — Thursday, July 22 — for local pop punk quartet Strung Short with Get The Axe, Current Failures and Series Break. And Tigerwine, Castele, False Report, Between The Heart and SemiFiction (as mentioned in last week’s Reverb), will be at The Black Sheep July 24. Finally, you can wind down the weekend with outlaw Western outfit Jenny Don’t & The Spurs (see p. 22) with The Flower Gospel on Sunday, July 25.

If ’80s nostalgia is more your cup of tea, tease up that hair and head to Sunshine Studios Live to catch glam rock legends Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’nuff. Faster Pussycat is best known for their epic power ballad “House of Pain” along with their more upbeat bangers such as “Bathroom Walls’’ and “Poison Ivy.” They will also be joined by local bands Sabbatar and Gravel on Friday, July 23. Find tickets at