Randy Sanchez was an important part of the ’90s punk scene in the region, a stagehand, sound engineer, and dad.

While live music is still hibernating, bands keep releasing new material and some are taking fresh approaches.

Colorado Springs’ rock group At-Risk Youth just released their newest EP, Life Through Screens. The album has a more classic sound in the realm of The Rolling Stones with a hint of Iggy Pop sprinkled in there. The EP is available on all streaming platforms.

Colorado Springs rapper Seen Loc also just released his newest album, BG Thee Alien Baby EP. This marks a change for Seen Loc, with a different theme from his other work.

“Past projects I rapped more about myself being the subject most of the time,” he says. “I tried to erase ego as much as possible from this project.”

The album places his dog, Baby Girl (BG), at the center of the project. “She’s the motivation for it all. Just a sweet dog that’s basically my best friend and sidekick — and in this story, she’s BG Thee Alien Baby EP (EP extraterrestrial person).”

You can find the album on all streaming platforms and buy physical copies at

With more new music coming out, Denver grindcore trio Berated joined in, releasing a triple split CD — Immersed in the Worst — via Hecatomb Records. The split, which includes System Destroyer from Argentina and Impulsealer from Czech Republic, marks a transition for the band.

“This is the last recording with Sean as our vocalist,” explains guitarist Josh Doll. Vocalist Sean McConnell has been focusing much of his time on his other band, Noctambulist, which you should definitely check out too if you like ripping death metal. Berated just announced that Caitlin McGee of Bed of Moss and Vomit Slaughter will be the new vocalist. “She’s been great! She has a huge voice that complements the music,” says Doll.

The 3-way split is available for streaming on YouTube and physical copies are available through the label at

And now, it brings me no pleasure to report that we have lost yet another key player in our music community. Randy Sanchez, 51 passed away on Feb. 28, 2021. He was an integral part of the ’90s punk scenes in Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

His band Fanatics toured around the country, and brought many acts out here, making a great name for Pueblo and southern Colorado. Recently, Randy was playing in Pueblo doom metal band Burns Like Hell. Not only was he meaningful on the stage, Randy was also meaningful behind the scenes. He was a stagehand and sound engineer at a variety of venues. Randy was also a beloved father, and his energy and love will be greatly missed. Hundreds of people have poured out words of inspiration and love.

”Randy Sanchez will always be a legend in the underground music world,” says Dust Lord’s Spike Shavor. “I was blessed with his friendship for almost 25 years. He was one of the kindest, most inclusive people you could ever meet.”

Colorado Springs resident show connoisseur Chris Mandile met Randy in Pueblo in the early ’90s: “He was a talented musician and was active in bands constantly from the early ’90s to the present. He seemed to be the brains behind his music projects,” explains Mandile. “He was always super friendly and nice when I saw him, and he always sought me out to say Hi and hang out whenever we crossed paths. But he also did even greater stuff that I wasn’t really aware or part of, like networking for bands and touring, and working as a stagehand.”

Randy Sanchez left a legacy, and we are grateful for the time he shared with us on this earth and in southern Colorado.