Crowds... Ozonic needs you as much as you need them.

Ozonic have been Colorado Springs purveyors of poppy prog rock since their inception in 2015, with an energetic and fun live show that feeds off of crowd energy. When they didn’t get to perform live last year, they took the time to perfect their craft, which they will be sharing with everyone Saturday, July 17, through a new album and a live performance at The Black Sheep with local math rock greats, Get The Axe and SemiFiction.

The band is especially excited to share their new music with a live audience. “We’re stoked for this show for so many reasons,” explains vocalist Colin Bovberg. “We’ve always loved the Sheep. It’s got a vibe you really can’t find anywhere else in the Springs. But also, one silver lining from time away from shows is that we have been able to refine our live sound, as well as our identity. We’ve worked on our live set a lot, in more facets than just the actual music. We really want people to walk away from Ozonic shows having experienced something unique and emotional.”

This will be the band’s first show back after the COVID-19 pandemic kept the world waiting for over a year. In that time, they recorded the Ozonic EP, which will be released on a special edition CD at the show, and available on all streaming services the following day. The album was recorded with Jarrod Headley from North Park Studios, and it seemed to have been the perfect fit for the band.

“He was a hoot to work with. He had some great suggestions that really enhanced the quality of the songs, and we feel he was able to capture the atmosphere we were looking for perfectly.” For more info on Ozonic, visit and be sure to catch their Black Sheep album release show. 

Another band especially known for their live performances are the maleficent metalcore misters who make up Fighting The Phoenix. They’ll be performing at The Black Sheep this Saturday, July 3. “We are always excited to play The Black Sheep. It’s home for us, we love the staff, and we have played there for years,” explains vocalist Chris King. This show is just the beginning for what looks to be a very busy 365 days for the band.

“Our future is looking pretty awesome. We are recording a new album out in Florida early next year, and are hoping to get back out on the road next year as well,” says King. They have more shows being booked through September this year and are excited to play more.

Also on July 3, you can head to Sunshine Studios Live for Brute Fest. This will be a six-band bill featuring local thrashers Panik, Elevated Sickness, Seven Days Lost, Vatic, Cryptic Writings and Mindless Vitality. See for more info.

Summertime is festival time in Colorado — and more are popping up locally. July 10-11 will see a weekend festival in Pueblo at the Grind Haus Cafe. It’s a release party for the Colorado compilation album This Is Pueblo, Not L.A., Vol. 2. The weekend will include vendors, spoken word artists and a long list of bands. Saturday will feature The Hacks, The Unaccepted, P.I.D and Amazing Flying Dumbasses, and Sunday’s lineup will include Vs. Mothra, Grimy, Voltaic and Retention. See for full daily lineups.

As you can see, you’ve got a couple of great weeks ahead when it comes to the return of live music.  

Editor’s note: Last week, Reverb reported Kalakuta, Tovenaar and Clarion Void would be performing at The Black Sheep but the article provided the wrong date. The show takes place this Friday, July 2. The Indy apologizes for the error.