The Peculiar Pretzelmen have been known to bust out a mandocello... or a bike tire. See for yourself tonight at Fritzy’s.

While discussing music in 2022, it’s easy to say that nothing is new anymore. That everything has already been done. But while it sometimes feels that way, it isn’t necessarily true. There are still bands and artists out there recreating the game — acts changing the way music sounds and coming up with new ways to play it. Have you ever seen someone play drums on a bike tire? If you would like to, go to Fritzy’s tonight (Wednesday the 12th) for The Peculiar Pretzelmen and Goodmorningaccordiannemesis.

The Pretzelmen are a two-piece group, Kevin Incroyable and Deacon Marrquin. They formed in 2006 and have a breathtaking live show that’s graced Colorado Springs stages several times, from the late DIY underground venue Flux Capacitor to the former Zodiac to The Triple Nickel to the ever-classy Lulu’s.

The Pretzelmen play many instruments, including ukulele, banjo, guitar, saxophone, mandocello, and percussion made out of household items like pots, pans and other everyday items. The duo’s unique new style pays homage to the older dark cabaret vibe that came before them. Incroyable and Marrquin play bourbon-soaked blues twisted with some up-tempo rock rebellion. If you enjoy artists like Tom Waits, The Residents, Nick Cave and Les Claypool, then this a show you will thoroughly enjoy. Some music is great for summer, some for winter, and The Peculiar Pretzelmen are perfect for the Halloween season.


There are plenty more shows later this week and into the weekend... On Thursday, catch some grindcore from Montana’s N.I.A.T. along with punk rock from Reno’s Pussy Velour and Pueblo’s very own grind gods Sonic Vomit at The Triple Nickel. Friday evening catch Pop Punk Night at Vultures with Van Full of Nuns and House Parties. Or head next door to The Black Sheep for the reggae-rock of Maryland’s Bumpin Uglies along with Kyle Smith. And Stargazers Theatre will be hosting Forever Man, a tribute to Eric Clapton.

Saturday evening, Stargazers keeps the tributes rolling with Still the Same, playing the songs of Bob Seger. Or you can head to Lulu’s for the smooth soul of Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds, who will be all around Colorado this month — in Jamestown (10/20), Fort Collins (10/21) and Pueblo West (10/29). Also, on Saturday night, stop by Vultures for Chuck Snow, who will celebrate the release of his new CD, Ghost in the Blood. Joining him onstage will be his full band, consisting of Kevin Waybright on bass, Pat Collins on guitar, Ed Liptak on saxophone and Donovan Freeman on drums.

That’s what Colorado Springs has going on this week in the world of live music! Come back next week for more, and if you have something you’d like us to cover, please write to