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Comment Archives: stories: Columns: IQ

Re: “IQ: Going, going, green

I would like to be buried in a simple pine box, which I guess is biodegradable. I think this is even Biblical, given that Paul likened a person’s dying to a seed being planted, which will be raised in a new form as a resurrected body. However, I do find the Green movement to be over-assessing our effect on the planet – we flatter ourselves to think the earth is so fragile and non-robust that we could destroy it. And it’s a Pretty Big Place – the entire planet’s present population could be placed inside the state of Texas, and give each person over 1000 square feet of living space! The REST of the planet could be used for growing food. This is not practical of course, but gives a reasonable scale to understanding our terrestrial presence.

Posted by Lee Patterson on 08/14/2009 at 5:20 PM

Re: “Who's on first?

Will Democratic control of Congress mark a new beginning, or the beginning of the end? The beginning of the END!!!!New World Order is HERE...NWO has many differnt world leaders involved....WATCH OUT!!! BIBLE Prophecy is being filled.....DO NOT TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST....666...... the people have been warned!!!!! EZ:33.....Watchmen....warnings....

Posted by COACHROCK777 on 05/31/2009 at 1:25 AM

Re: “Who's on first?

Will Democratic control of Congress mark a new beginning, or the beginning of the end? The beginning of the END!!!!

Will the emphasis be placed on saving the middle class or on more pie for the fat cats? BOTH....but the middle will go into the poverty class....soon....

On nuts-and-bolts problem solving or on ideology and religious dogma? God was and is our only HOPE...threw JESUS CHRIST....

On people's day-to-day needs or on settling old scores? People need to read their BIBLE and PRAY....
We are in a crisis.....who do you turn 2? JESUS!!! YES, JESUS......for the answers.....

Posted by COACHROCK777 on 05/31/2009 at 1:23 AM

Re: “Who's on first?

Why was this article run? What is "Whos on First"?
The people you questioned, did you pick them randomly or did they contact you>?

I like what Bob Unger said and I know that the economy is going under...soon....and we all need to realize who is really behind our failures as a country. The USA is in trouble..... the bible talks about what will happen in the last days....we are near the last days....all the signs are for all 2 see..... Thanks Bob! God Bless You..... Watch and Pray!!!

Posted by COACHROCK777 on 05/31/2009 at 1:16 AM

Re: “IQ: Too nice to succeed?

Having atended graduation Monday at Colorado College, when it comes time to vote, Bennet will not receive my vote. It was inappropriate and inexcusable. Despite what his bio says, he does have experience speaking to an audience of newly educated soon to be professionals.

Posted by B2ley on 05/20/2009 at 8:57 PM

Re: “Our brother's keeper?

Well said, Mr. Heron.

Posted by _bex on 02/09/2009 at 12:39 PM

Re: “Our brother's keeper?

As a society, we grow tired of detox centers. Of course people are confused, not understanding that a detox unit is a shortterm bandaid to a longterm problem. I have lived over half a century and drugs has held center-stage that entire time. In one way or the other drugs is in the news everyday. Frankly, detox helps so very, very few. I firmly believe that long term incarceration - not the five years that addicts once faced in Kentucky somewhere - is the answer. Like a year. Period. This certainly dries them out. Twelve steps programs are fully available. Finally, perhaps some legalization is the answer. I have witnessed the War on Drugs. What an abject, total failure. If the 'W.O.D.' were a person, it would resemble an old junkie, worn out, a deadened brain with nothing new to offer, sucking money from any source it could. That's the War On Drugs. Legalize drugs. Perhaps offer balances: you use hard drugs, sign here. By doing so you abdicate your right to social security one day, but still must contribute. You use certain hard drugs, sign here. You give up your right to a driver's license(or other permit and license) until such time as you enter a one year program and are determined drug free. Creativity is sorely needed in this day and age. Detox units, Rehabs, have lost the public's respect. Like prisons that turn out returning cons, these institutions turn out returning addicts. Their success rate is abysmal. I don't have all the answers other than stop filling our prisons with drug criminals. Legalize drugs, yet if people violate laws while on drugs, put them away at least a year seperate from the crime penalty. And stop feeding this monster-sized national law enforcement beast. It feeds primarily on drug addicts and minorities, and a significant number of caucasians. The War On Drugs is the fuel that a million people in law enforcement depend on for employment. it's not right; it's not fair.

Posted by Pete Heron on 02/07/2009 at 4:04 AM

Re: “Song without end

I believe we have passed the point where this is news and we simply thrill ourselves by reading of Haggard's indescretions. Look, the guy stoked himself on methamphetamine. How rational did we expect him to be? Of course he was wrong, sinful, downright perverted in my opinion. But this hanging out of his laundry borders on the bizarre. That Haggard would hang his laundry out there doesn't surprise me. That papers like the CS Independent hangs it out troubles me. This paper represents a very liberal slant,so who are the readers the Independent caters to with such a story? I almost feel like they're gay readers who enjoy the torment of outing someone, or, in this case, of an entire church dragged through the ringer because of its holier than thou leader falling so far; that it had gay sex in it makes it sweeter for the gay constituency. If it wasn't the Independent touting this garbage as news, I would think that Christian rightwind evangelicals were behind it: those like Haggard once was, repressed, condemning, hiding a secret life. Whoever it is, our newspapers deserve to give us the readers their professional respect. This is trash reporting at it's 'best.' It lowers the Independent's esteem in our eyes, and it feeds two camps poles apart. Haggard needs to be ignored, forgotten, and, frankly, wished the best of luck in resolving a life fully wrecked. Tagging him over and over is overkill, even if Haggard contributes as much or more to his own disparagement.

Posted by Pete Heron on 02/07/2009 at 3:39 AM

Re: “Personhood and us

pheedogg - According to SCIENCE the life process begins at conception. Say a woman becomes pregnant is it rational for her to avoid having sex at 12 weeks for fear of becoming "re-pregnant"? Meaning that she'll have her first child and then, 12 weeks later, she'll have her second? No, of course not. Why? Because biologically (see -- there is that science argument again) it won't happen because the life process BEGINS at conception. You can argue this life doesn't deserve full rights until a certain point but to say it isn't a life is an arguement that doesn't hold any water. Yes, Amendment 48 has a relgious belief to it as well but to discount the scientific argument is short-sited. Your stance on abortion is NOT based on science nor religion. It is based purely on your opinion of when life starts. Your decision to bash the religious component is based on emotion rather than the facts it really makes you harder to put any weight behind what you have to say. BTW, I was born with a genetic disorder and I do pretty well for myself. Thankfully I wasn't aborted.

Posted by hdwillis on 10/22/2008 at 9:32 AM

Re: “Personhood and us

Excuse me- but Amendment 48 is NOT just about abortion. It is about womens rights, healthcare AND most importantly (as I see it) the violation of our first amendment rights "Freedom of Religion". Which clearly includes the idea of separation of Church and State. I do not think it is any business of the Church to tell me, or anyone else for that matter, how to care for my body,my family and my life in general. That is what my "freedom of religion" grants me as an American. I believe in God, I am not a Christian, and I am proud to be an American. I also believe that I ought to have some "right" to decide what is "right" for my own body, what is best for my own health and what is right for the well-being and health of my family. So Amendment 48 is telling me I will no longer have those rights. I would like to ask those advocates of the Amendment--..." are you willing to adopt all the bi-racial,crack addicted, children who may or may not be born with various other life threatning birth defects born out of rape or incest?" If you are, then please tell the world you will do so when the next one comes along. And, unfortunatly, she will. And very little chance to grow up like your children. Too bad her mother couldn't get an Rx for birth control.

Posted by pheedogg on 09/27/2008 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Less may be more

not much to comment about,but, maybe vote independent, maybe, we are chasing our own tails!

Posted by thug on 09/09/2008 at 4:54 PM

Re: “Guns and butter

Used Bread eh?

Posted by Sue on 07/03/2008 at 3:06 PM

Re: “Around town

Very nice to see the military members getting out and doing things in the area. Thank you for your service!

Posted by missingoz on 06/03/2008 at 7:31 AM

Re: “Dragging out the knock down, drag out

Mr. Teeter has his underwear in a bunch over Rev. Wright and wonders what liberal attitudes would be if a republican were aligned with Rockwell or Duke. Well McCain is aligned with and has accepted the endorsement of Rev. John Hagee a truly vile religious fanatic and homophobe who has made extremely inflammatory statements against Catholics. McCain has made no effort to denounce him as Obama has done with Wright. If Mr Teeter is so concerned with substance over style why does this non-issue with Obamas ex-preacher rate so highly in his opinion. Hello...Health care, war, recession, infrastructure, etc. Talk about going stupid!

Posted by LAF on 05/12/2008 at 11:45 AM

Re: “Sects and politics

How typical Gene is of the religious right. When they are criticized for their intolerance, for vilifying and discriminating against gays and restricting the reproductive rights of women, they whine that those doing the criticizing are intolerant. And what is your point about MLK? Was it that he was imperfect, or maybe he was just too uppity for you? Why are so many Christians supportive of Ws policies and wars, is that what Jesus would do? Oh thats right, it's abortion, so obsessed with the fetus but not too concerned with the post-born children, who get slaughtered in our quest for oil or who die for lack of health care. I am sure if Jesus were around today Christians of Genes ilk would be persecuting him for being a liberal humanist, which by the way, is what he was!

Posted by LAF on 05/05/2008 at 2:02 PM

Re: “Sects and politics

David Palumbo has no idea what he's talking about. MLK was "inclusive and non-judgmental"!? Palumbo clearly has not read MLK's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" or listened to his speeches beyond those widely broadcast. But this ignorance is typical of people who, while decrying Evangelicals' being "judgmental," is as judgmental himself -- mixing in a good dose of ignorance to boot. David, get out and try to know these people. Stop living in your little intolerant cave.

Posted by gene on 05/02/2008 at 8:27 PM

Re: “IQ

where the heck is the 'Bijou Basin' ? if it's where I think it might be, isn't it really just the north end of Shooks Run ?

Posted by groupw on 12/27/2007 at 5:26 PM

Re: “Gas pains

About gas at $3.00 per gallon....The value of the US Dollar is declining, the demand for oil is increasing worldwide. The cost of production, and refining is on the rise. Just think about the explosive growth in India, and China. Since public transportation in the US is not at European standards, I suppose Ron Sommers has the right idea, just use the BMW motorbike.

Posted by Rick Caty on 12/13/2007 at 1:46 AM

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