Gina Trivelli

Two good guidelines for picking the right political candidate are, first, to pick someone with the skills to do the job, and second, to never let established politicians get too comfy in the halls of power. We want them to remember who they work for.

Following those two maxims, we endorse Gina Trivelli for El Paso County Treasurer.

Trivelli is no politician, which is a good thing for a position that demands efficient and transparent handling of a county’s tax money. She has served in the Treasurer’s Office at the county for 20 years, and has worked her way up to the position of deputy treasurer. She knows the staff. She knows how to do the work. There would be no learning curve. That can’t necessarily be said for either of her opponents.

Trivelli puts it more bluntly in her talk with the Indy’s editorial board: “It’s hard for me to understand how every four years someone could walk off the street and do this job.”

Her opponent in the Republican Primary is Chuck Broerman. 

He worked his way up from within the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, prior to being elected as the County Clerk and Recorder. Additionally, he has served as the county GOP chair, and the vice-chair for the state party. 

Broerman’s been a good Clerk and Recorder, he’s quite personable and seems to be rather intelligent. We have no reason to doubt he could learn how to run the Treasurer’s Office well, if not better than most. But a wealth of direct experience tips things in Trivelli’s favor. 

Trivelli will not just be a better fit for the office — she’s already there. To pass her over would be a tremendous waste of institutional knowledge.  

Trivelli says she will do more than just maintain the status quo. For starters, she hopes to make more of the Treasurer’s Office’s information and services available online. 

“It’s a challenge because we need to make it ... easy to pay online, but you also don’t want [credit card data breaches],” Trivelli said.

She also says a badly-needed computer system upgrade for the Treasurer’s Office is still in process, making it crucial that long-term employees with knowledge of both systems be available to see the conversion completed. 

Broerman is well aware of the “30+ year IT infrastructure” in the Treasurer’s Office. He helped update the Clerk and Recorder’s systems previously. But again, awareness of an issue isn’t the same as Trivelli’s first-hand experience.  

When asked what, if any, legislative changes she might support, Trivelli said she would be a vocal supporter of amending and expanding the Colorado Homestead Exemption to make it easier for veteran seniors to downsize or move into more Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant housing without losing their tax benefits. 

In short, even when considering Broerman’s track record in his current county role, Trivelli is simply the most qualified candidate.

Vote: Gina Trivelli