Jesse Fimian

Cadet 2nd Class Jesse Fimian

Agents of the Department of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations are investigating the death of Cadet 2nd Class Jesse Fimian, 25, of Brookfield, Mass., after Academy first responders notified Academy officials of his death Sunday night (April 30).

The Academy's release didn't explain where Fimian's body was found or what the suspected cause of death is.

Fimian was a member of the Class of 2024. He was majoring in political science and planned to become a space operator.

“Today, we are saddened by the death of one of our own at our Academy,” Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard M. Clark said in a release. “Jesse will be remembered for his contributions in Cadet Squadron 27 and his passion for space operations. I send my deepest sympathy to Jesse’s family at home and his newly found family and friends here at USAFA.”

“Jesse entered the U.S. Air Force Academy via the Prep School after serving in the Massachusetts Air National Guard as an Ammo troop,” Brig. Gen. Paul D. Moga, Commandant of Cadets, said in the release. “Cadet Squadron 27, along with Jesse’s friends, family, and many others throughout the Cadet Wing, need our support during this difficult time. We delayed the start of classes yesterday morning to allow squadrons to notify their cadets, give members time to process the news and, if required, begin the grieving process.”

Classes and training throughout the day on Monday were optional for cadets who needed time to mourn, the release said. Support services including chaplains, mental health professionals and others were provided to cadets, faculty and staff.

Although no information was given about circumstances surrounding his death, the release noted that the an investigation is "standard protocol in the death of a military member."

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