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Construction of the long-awaited $20 million extension of Centennial Boulevard from Fillmore Street to the Interstate 25/Fontanero Street interchange was to begin on Sept. 13.

Years in the planning, the project will span a year or more and provide a four-lane link through what is now mostly open land.

The project includes lighting, landscaping, bike lanes, a pedestrian-activated signal for crossing to the open space, a traffic signal at Chestnut Street and at the I-25 interchange. A trail on the west side will connect neighborhoods to the Legacy Loop Plaza and enable a connection to Downtown.

Portions of the corridor have been built or partially built through past developments and city projects.

The extension of Centennial, which is being built in a landslide-susceptible area, hit a snag in 2019 when Mesa Springs neighbors worried about increased flow of leachate (liquid that’s filtered through waste) leaking downslope from a former landfill. Some neighbors blamed the seepage on  the city’s extension of Centennial to Van Buren Street. A developer was to clean up the site prior to further work on Centennial.

The project has been planned for 30 years, with design being conducted in 2016. The four-lane arterial will ease access to the Veterans Affairs Clinic and surrounding businesses, city officials said in a release.

SEMA Construction is the contractor; AECOM will handle project management for the work, funded with taxes collected by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority.


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