The city of Colorado Springs repaved 166 lane miles of roadways during the 2021 paving season.

Funding for the program came from 2C tax revenue, a voter-approved 0.57 percent sales tax (or 5.7 pennies on a $10 purchase) that is dedicated exclusively to roadway repairs through 2025. On average, 2C collects more than $56 million annually.

As part of the 2C program, the city also:

  • Replaced 130,639 linear feet of curb and gutter
  • Replaced 354,384 square feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 157 new pedestrian ramps
  • Retrofitted 846 existing pedestrian ramps.

Over the period the 2C program has been in existence, from 2016-2021, the city has:

  • Repaved 1,232 lane miles, which is about the same distance as Colorado Springs to Columbus, Ohio
  • Replaced 1,033,176 linear feet of curb and gutter, or 195.6 miles
  • Replaced 2,144,681 square feet of sidewalk
  • Installed 1,065 new pedestrian ramps
  • Retrofitted 5,653 existing pedestrian ramps.

2C paving occurs in tandem with continued Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) projects that provide routine preventive maintenance to help roads achieve their full life span.

With more than 6,000 lane miles in city limits, the first five years of 2C (2016-2020) targeted main roads considered arterials and collectors.

From 2021-2025, the program aims to finish the arterials and collectors while also tackling more residential roadways.

The order in which roads are paved is dictated by an extensive coordination effort that syncs paving with other roadway projects.

The city’s public works department estimates that 217 lane miles will be repaved in 2022.

Among the roads slated for repaving in 2022 are sections of Austin Bluffs Parkway, Briargate Boulevard, Cresta Road, Aeroplaza Drive and Royal Pine Drive. Concrete work on the 2022 road list is currently underway.

Prior to repaving, crews closely evaluate the road surface and surrounding infrastructure. Adjacent concrete work is completed using 2C funds ahead of repaving. 

Replacing or repairing concrete is an essential part of roadway maintenance, which protects streets from deterioration. These improvements also add pedestrian ramps and create passable routes that meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards and enhance accessibility in Colorado Springs. 

For more information regarding the 2C program, visit ColoradoSprings.gov/2C.