Vote 2020

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office announced May 19 that it has contracted with Massachusetts-based Clear Ballot Group's ClearAudit to conduct an additional audit of the 2020 General Election.

"ClearAudit is a respected post-election audit system that utilizes a digital process to verify elections results," a county-issued news release said. 

County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman said in the release, “Our office had this audit conducted to provide one more level of transparency to voters. This audit is not required by state or federal law. In addition to the two successful audits already conducted for the 2020 Election, we believe the ClearAudit process will instill in voters even greater trust and confidence in our state’s incomparable election system.” 

El Paso County is the first county in the state to conduct a ClearAudit post-election audit at a cost of approximately $45,000, the release said.

"ClearAudit conducted a digital comparison of ballot images from the 2020 General Election to verify the results are accurate," the release added. "By digitally tabulating another system’s ballots, ClearAudit provided a post-election audit that offers an independent comparison and generates an analysis of results."  

“The ClearAudit product is one-of-a-kind because Clear Ballot is the only company capable of reading another company’s ballots, which makes it the only truly independent analysis of results," a statement from Clear Ballot Group Inc. said. "El Paso County provided Dominion Voting Systems’ scanned ballot images to Clear Ballot, and Clear Ballot was able to tabulate the votes, and then run a thorough comparison of the Dominion system’s results against their own. Having an independent analysis is the best way to boost voter confidence, and no other product in the country can provide the same level of assurance as ClearAudit. In multiple states where audits are mandated, Clear Ballot dominates the market because they have a higher standard of transparency and independence. They have a third of Florida and were just approved to complete recounts, 80% of New York, Maryland, Vermont, and have entered 3 new states with ClearAudit since the 2020 election (Colorado, and audit pilots in New Hampshire and South Carolina), because this is exactly the kind of checks and balances system that voters are demanding. I want El Paso County voters to know that we will use the best technology available to ensure their ballots are counted accurately, and that means going with this system."

The Clerk’s Office and the Canvass Board, appointees by both major parties, have already conducted and certified the pre-election Public Logic and Accuracy Test and the forensic-based post-election Risk Limiting Audit, the release said. A recording of the audit presentation to the El Paso County Board of County Commissioners can be viewed here. The Clerk’s Office passed each of these audits with "excellent reports," according to the release. Visit The El Paso County’s Clerk and Recorder’s website to view results of this audit.