Colorado Springs Utilities customer information was accessed by an unauthorized party on June 15. According to its website, Utilities was notified July 6 that information including customers names, addresses, Utilities account numbers, and in most cases, phone numbers and/or email addresses stored by a subcontractor had been accessed.

However, no sensitive financial data such as Social Security numbers or credit card info was compromised. CSU’s website says its systems were not affected by the incident, and the disclosure of information was isolated to a subcontractor’s system, which has already implemented security enhancements.

CSU says there is little that can be done with the information accessed on its own, and that the most likely threat would be from an unauthorized entity attempting to use the contact information to request sensitive information from account holders by posing as CSU. It’s reminding customers that they will never receive a call from CSU asking for credit cards or Social Security numbers.

CSU says approximately 200,000 accounts were in the accessed file. Those impacted should receive a letter in the mail.