Don’t forget to vote in the Nov. 5 election

On Nov. 2, El Paso County will conduct the coordinated election at which voters will decide state measures, local Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) questions, debt measures and school board candidates.

Ballots were mailed starting Oct. 8. They must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7 p.m. on Nov. 2.

To see the sample ballot, check on your voter registration and find ballot drop points, go to

In order to receive your ballot in the mail, you must register to vote, or update your address/registration if necessary, within eight days of the election. For the 2021 Coordinated Election, that deadline is Oct. 25. The deadline allows time for processing and mailing your ballot. You can register to vote or update your registration prior to that deadline online at

After the deadline, you can still register to vote and you also can update your registration and receive your ballot. Both may be done at one of our Voter Service & Polling Centers through Election Day.


We missed something... The Indy inadvertently omitted Colorado Springs city ballot Issue 2D from its Oct. 13 endorsement package. The Editorial Board supports a “Yes” vote for Issue 2D (see below). We regret the omission. 


The economy was hot(ish) during the pandemic and, as such, the city wants to keep $20 million collected in 2021 to set up a wildland fire mitigation fund, which would accrue interest and be managed by the Colorado Springs Fire Department. (The anticipated TABOR excess totals $30 million, but the city plans to refund the extra $10 million via utility bills.)

While the city says the $20 million would be used citywide to clear brush to curtail a wildfire’s progression and to fund prevention programs, the city’s western boundary has tens of thousands of homes in the wildland interface.

The measure caps spending from the fund at 5 percent per year, but exempts the money from future TABOR calculations, meaning the measure would reset the city’s TABOR limit to $20 million higher than it is now. 

The threat of wildfire isn’t theoretical. Thousands in this growing city have been impacted by disasters in the past and wildfire conditions only look to worsen going forward due to climate change. We recommend a yes vote on 2D. — Indy Editorial Board


Colorado Springs 2C, Trails, Open Space and Parks tax increase and extension. Vote yes.

Colorado Springs 2D, Retain $20 Million for City and Regional Wildfire Protection and Prevention Program Measure. Vote yes.

Colorado Springs 6B, Briargate General Improvement District. Vote yes.

El Paso County 1A, TABOR retention: Vote no.

Colorado Amendment 78, who controls custodial funds. Vote no.

Colorado Proposition 119, marijuana tax increase to fund tutoring and other education. Vote no.

Colorado Proposition 120, $1 billion property tax cut. Vote no.

Manitou Springs mayor: John Graham.

Manitou Springs Council: Michelle Whetherhult.